12 body language cues that reveal a man’s true feelings for you

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The early stages of a relationship can be very exciting yet confusing. 

How do you know if a man likes (or loves) you back when you’re not getting the verbal confirmation you need?

Trust me, I know how frustrating it can be. But as they say, the body will always reveal what’s not being said.

If you want to decipher the meaning behind your man’s actions, this article is for you!

Read on for body language cues you need to keep an eye out for if you want to discover a man’s true feelings for you. Get ready to find out if he’s really into you.

Let’s jump in!

1) Eye contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul. And if a man constantly gazes into your eyes for way too long, it’s definitely a sign that his feelings for you are strong.

Many studies have shown how eye contact is a very intimate and vulnerable act, which means intense eye contact for long periods communicates a lot about desire.

If he can look at you deeply without saying a word, and he looks from your eyes to your nose and lips, he may very well be in love. 

But if you find him frequently avoiding eye contact and looking away from you, it’s usually a hint that he’s just not into you.

2) Dilated pupils

Now, this one’s an eye-opener. Lots of research have documented how a man’s pupils may dilate or get bigger involuntarily as a sign of attraction. 

Pupil dilation can be tricky to assess, but it sure offers a glimpse into the mind. Think of it as your brain’s response to people or things that you like or arouse you.

So the next time you see your man’s pupils dilate whenever you’re together, it may be a subtle sign that he likes you.

3) Eyebrow flash

Does a man’s eyebrows raise as soon as they see you? It may also be a sign that he secretly likes you.

You’ll have to watch this closely though, as most eyebrow flashes only last for about one-fifth of a second

A man’s eyebrows may also give a brief, sudden lift to indicate that he wants to get your attention or he’s flirting with you. 

4) Head tilt

This one’s also a tell-tale sign of interest and engagement. 

If you’re talking with a man and you suddenly notice that his head starts tilting while still making eye contact with you, it shows that he’s curious and listening intently to what you’re saying.

He’s making an effort to let you know that he is fully present. 

But if you find him lowering his head or looking over your head or around the room, it may mean a lack of interest. 

5) Smiling

Nothing quite like a man’s genuine smile —  one that shows in his eyes and always feels natural and warm  — to show how much he is attracted to you.

If a man cannot help but smile a lot around you, it’s a universal sign of approval and interest.

Pay attention to those smiles that extend beyond the mouth. You know, the type that involves the whole face. That’s almost always a giveaway of affection.

6) Feet position and direction

Our feet are body language cues that are such telling giveaways. They’re great for spotting hidden intentions. 

If you want to find out if you’re the object of a man’s attention, check if their feet ‘like’ you. Ok, I know what you’re thinking: What does that mean?

It means looking in the direction where his feet are pointing. 

If the man’s feet are pointed toward you when you’re talking, it’s a sign of genuine interest or attraction. Bonus points if both of his feet are angled towards you in a ‘V’ that encloses your feet.

But if he turns his face towards you while his feet are pointed away or towards the exit, it may not be good news. It may be a sign that he isn’t interested.

7) Frequent and lingering touches

What can be more revealing than a man who always finds ways to touch you? It’s another strong tell and a great sign that a man truly likes you or is actually in love with you.

Does he ‘accidentally’ brush against your arm or shoulder? Does he give you high-fives that linger way longer than they should? 

Does he reach out and touch your arm, hand, leg, or back when you’re telling a story?

All of these are signs that he wants to build a physical and emotional connection with you. 

If he hugs you, it’s obviously a sign of love.

8) Posture

Picture this: Does your man maintain an ‘open’ posture when he’s with you? Does he face you, meaning his hips are pointing toward you? 

Are his shoulders relaxed and his arms and hands uncrossed? Does he have his palms up while interacting with you?

Open body language is a clear indication that a man is comfortable around you and is emotionally receptive. It’s a sign that he wants to get to know you more.

On the other hand, if his arms and legs are crossed the whole time he’s around you, it may mean that he’s closed off to giving or receiving affection.

9) Leaning in 

Does it feel like your man is always trying to literally ‘bridge the gap’ between you and him by leaning forward when you talk?

Leaning in is another nonverbal cue that expresses curiosity, interest, and attraction.

Pay attention to when he suddenly leans towards you when you are speaking. It’s like he’s saying: “You’ve captivated me. I want to be close to you. I want to understand you.”

It’s a sign that he’s interested not only in what you have to say but more importantly, in YOU. 

But if you step closer and he responds by leaning away or creating a space between the two of you, then it’s another way of telling you to “back off.”

10) Mirroring

What’s a pretty subtle non-verbal clue that shows you and your man may have a much deeper connection than it seems?

Check if the two of you are in sync with each other’s gestures.

If you notice that a man mimics your body language, it’s a sign that he’s completely focused on you and trying to connect with you.

He may unconsciously or intentionally mirror your movements, gestures, or tone of voice — from scratching the head to taking a drink at the same time, walking in step, finishing each other’s sentences, and more. 

11) Fidgeting

Think about this for a minute: Does a man behave differently with you than with his family, friends, and other people in his life?

If he comes off as anxious and acts differently around you, it’s a sign that he has strong feelings for you. 

Look for specific behaviors like fidgeting with his hands or feet, tapping his fingers, twirling his hair, or stroking his neck. 

If he does any of this, it may mean that he’s nervous or excited around you and he’s trying to hide his nerves. 

12) Protective gestures

It’s the little things that count. If you want to know if he’s falling for you, then watch out for signs that he’s being highly protective of you.

Does he consciously walk in step with you, adjusting his pace to match yours? Does he go the extra mile to make sure you’re safe on the road? 

Does he open doors for you or instinctively try to stop something (or someone) that may hit you?

If you notice specific gestures and behavior that show he prioritizes your safety and well-being, it’s a good indication that he cares for you deeply and wants to protect you. 

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