15 best avatar apps for couples

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If you and your partner are big into the world of social media, you might notice people flaunting their avatars on their profiles.

Fortunately, App stores have thousands of avatar creator apps in their arsenal. 

So instead of posting your latest selfies together, creating your cartoon avatar may be the perfect image you want right now. 

With that in mind, here’s a list of the 15 best cartoon avatar apps for couples like you.

15 best avatar apps maker for couples

Each app works differently. But all you need is to download the app on your iOs or Android smartphones. 

The best thing is you don’t need to have any graphic or photoshop skills to use these tools. Just choose the best avatar maker and use your creativity and imagination in various ways.

Now, let’s turn you and your partner into a funky avatar with these apps. 


Avatoon offers tons of customization options where you can create an avatar just like you or a character that can reflect your personality. 

With its powerful cartoon photo editing tools, you can express how amazing your relationship is. 

This free avatar creator app is a masterpiece with all the features you need to make an adorable couple avatar. Create your faces, style your avatars, and even personalize them with stickers and emojis.

It has an interesting “Photo Booth” feature that allows you to insert your Avatar into real-life photos. I found this one so cool!

Platform: iOs | Android 

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers 

If you want to create funny cartoons and emoticons from your couple photos, then use MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers app. 

Or if you love using your old photos, you can easily turn them into a cartoonish replica of that memory with this avatar maker app.

Choose your photo and let MomentCam run its magic by turning it into a stylish cartoon avatar. Enjoy adding funny features like hats, glasses, and beards; and choose from their thousands of available backgrounds. 

With this avatar maker app, you can express yourself in the funniest way possible. 

Plus, you can even win prizes by sharing your personalized creations with the MomentCam community.

Platform: iOs | Android 


With the Bitmoji app, you can create an expressive cartoon avatar that looks exactly just like you and your significant other.

This is where you can customize everything from face shape to hairstyle. It has a massive stickers library that you can use to make a realistic depiction of your photos. 

Since you can individually select clothing items, you can choose matching couple outfits too and switch between various themes as you want. 

Bitmoji allows you to customize your avatar according to festivals, holidays, and sports events. You can even use your personalized emoji and share it across a range of popular messaging applications.  

Platform: iOs | Android 


Zmoji is another popular avatar and cartoon maker app that gives you endless possibilities.

Use this app to create your personalized emojis and GIFs with avatars that look just like you and your partner. 

Create a lively cartoon avatar, an expressive avatar, or packs of unique emojis for every situation who are all cool as you are. You can choose from several facial features and outfits available to get your features right.

This fun app is great for mixing things up on your social media platform conversations. 

Platform: iOs | Android 

ToonApp: Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon yourself and your loved one with the ToonApp cartoon avatar maker. 

If you’re not a fan of complicated apps, then this one’s for you.  Simply choose a photo and add a filter, then ToonApp will generate a cartoonish replica for you.  

This app comes up with all the awesome picture editing tools where you can add an impressive layout or toon background. Their feature selections are just enough to turn your pictures into artistic marvels. 

Use the trendy drip effect, magic brush effect, and cartoon filters to create your fabulous avatar pictures. 

And share your breathtaking cartoonized photos for everyone to admire. 

Platform: iOs | Android 

Couple Avatar

Create and design your cutest couple avatar in an easy and fun way. 

Choose the best hairstyle and clothes to design your couple avatar. Make your unique chibi-style look and showcase your fashion sense with avatars that you can use anywhere. 

If you can’t get enough of those anime avatar gates, this is the perfect app for you and your significant other.

Platform: Android 

Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon

In a few clicks, you can turn your photos into a sketch, drawing, or cartoon image. 

Add effects and play around with the contrast, brightness, or saturation options to enhance the colors in your cartoons. You can even highlight certain parts of the photo to achieve high artistic standards.

It has file-sharing functionality that allows you to share your couple cartoon avatar to your partner and even on your social media platforms. 

Platform: iOs | Android  

Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit 

Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit is another amazing app to transform your beautiful and funny couple photos into a cartoon avatar. 

You can use photos from your album or directly take a photo with your camera to capture a perfect moment. You can easily adjust the colors and add different effects, text, and stickers to your cartoons.

It’s an app that guarantees high-quality images, so there’s no need to worry that your cartoon avatar will get shrunk or stretched awkwardly. 

Platform: iOs 

Avatar Maker: Dance

If you and your partner have this immense love for dance, the Avatar Maker: Dance is best for you.

With this app, you can create an anime-dancing couple in love. It’s up to you to decide if your dance cartoon avatar will be wild, passionate, calm, or romantic.

Browse the background image and make your couple stand in the hill station, park, stadium, or anywhere else.

Use the tools to change the color of the face, and hairstyle, and add accessories to your cartoon avatar. 

Platform: Android 

Cartoon Yourself 

Cartoon Yourself app is a popular cartoon avatar maker app where you can easily turn your couple photos turn a photo into a cartoon avatar effortlessly

It’s best for beginners who want to transform their photos into a drawing, sketch, or black and white cartoon. 

While the features are simple, the effects are endless because you can mix and combine several filters and effects. And this makes your cartoonize avatar interesting, realistic, and professional-looking. 

Platform: iOs | Android 

Mirror: Avatar and Sticker Maker 

Mirror AI is an advanced 3D avatar maker where you can create your character, cute pics, memes, memoji, AR stickers, and more.

With more than 1500+ elements to choose from, you can make your couple avatar the best thing you’ve ever designed.

The app allows you to choose different art styles: original or anime – so you can choose how to express yourself.  And to make things easier, the Mirror avatar maker automatically generates stickers from your avatar.

It’s best for sharing your avatar creations and face app stickers on social media and messaging apps. 

Platform: iOs | Android 

MojiPop – Art Metaverse

What if you let your avatar and stickers do the doing? That’s what MojiPop can do!

This app allows you to edit any of your photos and make a cartoon avatar out of them.  With a few clicks, you’ll get to customize your looks the way you want. 

Add amazing effects and filters to your avatars such as color, sketches, movies, animated stickers, and others. 

It comes with an innate camera that has fantastic filters. So even if you and your partner are in a hurry, you can click a selfie and turn it into an adorable digital avatar in a matter of seconds. 

Platform: iOs | Android 

Cartoon App – Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon App allows you to convert your photos into a cartoon avatar and artistic creations. 

Use the variety of cartoon filters, blending tools, sketches, and booth effects available to customize the style of your couple avatars. 

You’ll love the simple and easy-to-use interface. So if you’re looking for something uncomplicated as well as handy, then Cartoon App is designed for you.

Platform: Android 

Mug life- 3D Face Animator 

Create your avatars and even change their expressions using the Mug life- 3D Face Animator app. 

With this app, you can animate your photos, make animated GIFs, and create stunning 3D characters. 

You can even make stunning photo-real clones of your partner, friends, family, and even celebrities.

Use your close-up photo with your partner and merge your avatar characters to make something unique all the time. Interesting, right?

Platform: iOs | Android 

Boo – 3D Avatar Emoji

This app is an augmented reality-based application where you can create 3D characters and AR(augmented reality) avatars and face emoji that look just like you.

Use the tool area to decorate your avatar and customize your avatar by changing its expression, skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, hair colors, and more. 

With this avatar maker app, you can create a special animation for your special someone or friends by recording your voice. 

Why not give it a try?

Platform: iOs | Android 

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