What does it mean when an Aries man makes eye contact?

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The stare of an Aries man is something you’ll never forget.

There’s a reason for that, of course—men born under the sign of Aries are highly intense and visual, and it’s only natural that his gaze would be so overwhelming.

If you’ve ever wondered what he means when he locks his eyes with you, read on.

1) He’s curious about you

Aries men are incredibly curious. And when he’s curious, he stares intently, taking in what he can.

It’s easier to understand where this tendency to fixate comes from if you were to look closer at Aries’ place in the stars—it’s considered the “child of the zodiac” and indeed, like a child, he’s always fascinated and interested in everything around him.

Some might consider their gaze a bit too brazen, and no wonder! A piercing stare like the one he’s making with you might feel like he’s encroaching on your personal space.

But don’t take it too personally. Well not unless his gaze is locked on you…in which case, he’s definitely very curious about you.

2) You remind him of someone

Aries is not really one to pine after a lost love since he’s often quick to bounce back up onto his feet. But as with most things, there will always be exceptions.

And it might just be that you remind him of someone he’s been missing. Perhaps there’s something about the way you hold your glass that sent him back to the past, or perhaps it’s the way you laugh.

It’s not something to be worried about though. Aries men are not the kind to really go chasing after old flames, not even when some feelings remain.

But this does mean that if you were to make a move on him, you’ll have a slight advantage from the get go.

3) He sees himself in you

The Aries man is very self-aware. He’s all about the image, and his projection of it. This is to be expected, as according to the 12 houses of astrology, Aries (and the planet Mars) rules the First House of Self.

So what does this mean for you?

Simply put, he sees himself in you.

Arians love themselves first and foremost. And yes, this sounds vain… but that’s just who he is.

He’s naturally confident about himself, and you may have caught his attention with your own charisma. To see his traits exuded by someone else piques his interest.

4) He’s observing you

Aries is a sign known for its independence, and that fact is even more evident in the men born under its sign.

If he keeps looking at you silently from the corner of the room, it’s most likely because he’s paying close attention to you and running internal monologues about you in his head.

And as for what those monologues are, they’re most likely about how you might react to him and how he should best approach you. Perhaps he’s even considering if it’s worth trying to talk to you.

See, Aries are bold and courageous, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cautious.

If he could see that he has absolutely no chance if he were to give you a shot, then he’ll back down. But before he does he’ll try to keep staring and hopefully provoke you to approach him first.

5) He is trying to establish a connection

Aries men are very bold and daring. He is quite adventurous and loves to explore. And because of his alignment to Mars, he’ll be very aggressive by nature.

His locking eyes with you means that he’s taking the initiative. The method itself might seem a bit intimidating but he’s trying to establish a connection.

If you find yourself thinking a little uncomfortable or violated, that’s most likely on purpose.

He knows his gaze can make people squirm and that very fact amuses him. So he uses his gaze like a weapon, making you feel uneasy because he wants you to be.

If you can get past the uneasiness, you’ll notice that he’s already trying to light a fire with the way he looks at you. Aries is a cardinal sign, which means this person likes to make things happen, especially in relationships.

6) He’s trying to tell you something

Numerologist and astrologer Dr. Aarti Dahiya explains that the Aries man is rather impatient. He doesn’t dilly-dally.

He’s not shy when it comes to expressing himself, and his eyes can really be indicative of what he’s feeling. Eye contact can be intrusive if you’re sensitive to it, but he won’t care because he’s on to you and he’ll make sure you know it.

He doesn’t like to play games. He doesn’t like to wait or take his time or be slow about anything. His communication style is open, direct, and no-nonsense.

So if you respond to his rather prying look, he’ll actually gladly indulge and expose himself to you.

7) He’s infatuated with you

Well let’s not beat around the bush. There’s a pretty high chance that he has a crush on you, especially if he’s incredibly consistent in staring at you.

Those born under Aries get infatuated very quickly. Such a quick and sudden infatuation means they fall fast, and they fall hard.

That means they can also be incredibly flaky. If an Aries man falls for you this fast and this hard, then you can bet that he’ll also get infatuated with others just as fast and just as hard.

This doesn’t mean he’s bound to cheat, of course. It’s fine to get infatuated so long as they remain faithful to their partner.

But as for whether he’s the faithful type or not, you’ll have to know him personally to see.

How to hook an Aries man

Intrigue him

Arouse his curious nature by shrouding yourself in mystery and intrigue. Keep him on his toes by only revealing yourself little by little in bits and pieces.

The idea that he has always more to learn about you will keep an Aries man engaged and eager, thirsting for more.

On the other hand, if you show him everything from the get go he’ll probably lose interest very quickly.

Drop hints that you like him

He loves being the center of attention, and his personality demands it.

People born under Aries tend to be a little self-absorbed and prideful, so you can draw him in by stroking his ego.

Schmooze a bit, compliment him, tease him.

He might be dashing, sexy, and magnetic in his own right, but trust me—he’ll still crave every crumb of validation he gets. Tell him things about himself that you love or find sexy.

Be the first one to flirt

Even if Aries is often the initiator, catching him off-guard by making the first move will also give him a thrill and will definitely captivate him.

Considering his nature, he actually loves being the object of the chase and enjoys it when he’s being pursued.

So if you’re interested in him, then make it crystal clear by going hard after him. He will like that you know what you want and are fearless about it.

Find common ground

The Aries man loves talking about his interests and he will definitely want to know you more if you have something in common.

If you’re well acquainted already, you can even introduce him to your own hobbies and he’ll reciprocate.

He’s always game for anything you throw at him, though in most cases he’ll be the one to come up with the dating ideas.

Engage him in debate

The Aries man likes assertiveness, so a good way to earn his respect would be to refuse being a pushover.

Engage in complex, polarizing discussion with him and you’ll find that he’ll jump at it right away.

He’s more than eager to engage with heated discussion and playful conflict. But don’t worry, he’s not the kind to hold grudges… so long as he wins.

Things to watch out for when dealing with an Aries man

Easy come, easy go

The flipside to him getting interested easily is that it’s also very easy to lose his interest. So the problem is how to sustain his attention. If you want to be with this guy for a good while, you will need to shake things up and be flexible or else he’ll just wander elsewhere!

Risky behavior

He tends to go ahead and does whatever his gut tells him without thinking about the consequences unless he’s in a situation where he MUST think. He has the drive to be always first in everything so this leads to a lot of rash decisions.

A little too independent

He’ll steamroll into everything all at once without waiting for backup. He trusts himself a bit too much, which is why he will need a good partner who can catch up and help him out even when he thinks he doesn’t need it.

Brutal honesty

If you’re not prepared, this can hurt you in more ways than one. Aries actually suffers from speaking before thinking most of the time. He can be blunt and say something that may be offensive to some, even if he’s coming from a good place.

Acting out of emotions

Because Aries is governed by Mars, the god of war, he can be rather intense. Being passionate is generally a good trait. But when it’s in such overabundance like it is with Aries, it can easily lead to plenty of unchecked anger and frustration.


Aries wears his heart on his sleeve, so it’s easy to know what he’s thinking and that’s especially the case when he has his eyes locked on you.

You can use this to your advantage and he won’t mind because he’s all about getting straight to the point and being open with intentions anyways.

So go ahead and get yourself that Aries man. You can bet he’ll return the favor…especially if he’s already keeping his eyes on you.

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