Aries soulmate guide: The 6 best zodiac signs for you!

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Are you an Aries and curious about which zodiac sign you’re most likely to be soulmates with?

What’s really in store for you in terms of love, relationships and sex?

In this ultimate Aries soulmate guide, I’m going to reveal:

  • Your 6 best soulmate matches
  • Zodiac signs you should avoid (and why)
  • Your strengths and weaknesses in relationships
  • What your sex life can be like with your soulmate.

We have a lot to cover so let’s get started!

6 signs compatible with Aries (as soulmates)

When it comes to finding a soulmate, Aries are very compatible with themselves – and fellow fire sign Leo.

Surprisingly, they can also form a deep soulmate connection with their ‘opposite,’ such as the air signs of Libra and Aquarius.

Signs compatible with Aries include the following:

  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Gemini
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius
  • Taurus

Let’s go through them one by one:


Getting together with an Aries can be likened to meeting your twin flame. In fact, this relationship has a whopping compatibility rate of 89% to 95%.

Case in point: the long-lasting marriage of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

The reason for this peaceful union is quite apparent: they reflect each other.

Both are independent, which means they know the importance of having some ‘alone’ time.

Aries likes ‘being their own person’ even if they’re in a relationship. They’re busy with many things, and they want to keep doing them even if they’re in a committed partnership.

These similar styles make it easier for the two rams to understand each other. They communicate with each other clearly – and consistently.

They’re not easy to break down – they’re good at disregarding the pressure outside their relationship.

That said, the impulsive nature of two Aries natives can be harmful to the relationship. Both get in fights (though constructive), yet they end up forgiving each other easily.

This impulsivity also means that dates between two Arieses are often fun and exciting.

Aries natives are brave souls, so they need to be someone with whom they can share these adventures. Both are eager to try new things, explore unique places, etc.

This boldness is not just limited to adrenaline-filled activities such as bungee diving or skydiving. They want a fellow adventurer who can keep up with them – while still being able to achieve new things.

Both love to try unique experiences, which is why they’re often doing fun and intense activities.

They find challenge (and happiness) in chasing that special moment.

This eagerness doesn’t only apply to dates and trips – it’s something they expect in the bedroom as well. They will want to do the deed in kinky positions or some unique places. The question is: are you game for that?

With both matching each other’s intensities and rhythms – emotionally and physically – an Aries-Aries relationship is often a match made in heaven.


Both signs share a strong attachment, which is why sparks always fly when they’re around each other.

Like Aries, Leo has a strong will – and self-esteem.

With their unbeatable characteristics and strong sexual tension, this coupling is nothing short of perfect.

In other words, they create a fearless partnership that feeds off each other’s energies. They know when (and how) to support each other.

While an Aries-Leo relationship often goes swimmingly well, it is not without challenges. They both love the attention that they may end up vying against each other. As such, they need to work on ‘tolerating’ each other’s imperfections.

They may have occasional trust issues, but their loyalty to each other keeps their relationship strong.


Despite the differences, the 80% compatibility between Aries and Gemini is quite surprising. Their dates are often fun and filled with worthwhile conversations.

Rams long for meaningful talks. They’re deep thinkers, so they’re most likely to provide new insights and whatnot. Geminis can keep up with these hour-long debates.

Needless to say, they challenge each other, both physically and mentally.

Aries and Gemini make for a ‘hot and experimental’ experience when it comes to bedroom matters.

As ‘Sex Signs: Your Perfect Match is in the Stars’ author Constance Stellas puts it:

“Aries’ leadership qualities and Gemini’s changeability make for a sexually-charged match.”

Unsurprisingly, this Aries-Gemini partnership is often smooth sailing – so much so that they reach the end.

They often find themselves marching down the aisle in a marriage astrologers deem ‘unconventional.’

The problem, however, starts when the couple has children. They end up taking the lower ground, which can stress them out at times.

Despite this challenge, they know that they can always count on each other – especially when push comes to shove.


Libra is a sign that’s surprisingly compatible with Aries. They’re total opposites, for Aries is spontaneous, impulsive, bold, and blunt.

Libra, on the other hand, is thoughtful, indecisive, diplomatic, and generally nice.

While not all Aries-Libra couples last, some quickly get through the hurdles of dealing with each other.

This success is made possible by the flexibility of each partner. You can see this in the sweet partnership of Kelly Ripa (Libra) and Mark Consuelos (Aries), who have been together since 1996.

Once together, Libra can end up absorbing their partner’s passion – while teaching them a thing or two about taking things down a notch. When this happens, the bond becomes strengthened with trust, desire, and brilliance.


Aries and Sagittarius are what astrologers call ‘free love birds.’

Stellas describes the partnership as compatible because “They speak the same kind of impetuous language.”

Both signs are open, self-assured, and driven. They’re also very independent and brimming with insights. Because of these, these signs tend to link up relatively easily.

Aries appreciates Sagittarius for they’re someone who’ll let them be. Being a risk-taker, they like doing things that make them unique. They want to be their ‘own’ person in their relationship.

Unsurprisingly, these headstrong characteristics make them prone to emotional outbursts.

Although they make for secure, romantic relationships, they need to work on such problems – to avoid worse issues in the future.


Aries and Taurus are both fire signs, which means they only share a few things in common. Aries is easy-going, while Taurus is an over-thinker.

“Generally speaking, these two don’t make the most sense together unless there were other influences in their birth charts that meshed really nicely,” explains astrologer Kristina Semos.

While this somehow harms their compatibility, they trust each other enough to maintain a harmonious relationship. Add to that, they can keep the sexual sparks flying for the years to come.

While both parties tend to hide secrets from each other, the compatibility between Aries and Taurus stands at an impressive 75%.

If your zodiac sign is not on the list? You can still check your compatibility with an Aries native by taking this quiz.

So, who’s the best soulmate match for an Aries?

According to astrologer and therapist Amy Tripp, the best sign for Aries is the fierce Leo.

She explains:

“As a fixed sign, Leo has incredible staying power and endurance to balance out Aries’ tendency to lose interest. Both signs are dynamic, enthusiastic, and courageous; together, this pairing can accomplish a lot in the world.”

Leo is a perfect soulmate match for the independent Aries because the former allows them to be bold and fiery (as they are.)

They’re both fire signs, which means they’re both fun, creative, and lively. They’re enthusiastic leaders who tend to be larger than life.

Aries natives are highly intellectual, so it’s not surprising that they, too, like ‘cerebral’ partners. (Research shows that intelligent partners make for better lovers, anyway.)

Aries natives are quick to spew new ideas, so they want Leos who can do this as well. They also find the lion’s innovation interesting, which is why they’re in it with them for the long haul.

Both also pay great attention to detail.

Rams are so passionate that they forget to look at the fine picture. As such, they need a Leo partner who can look into the necessary details for them.

It’s important for Leo not to go into too much detail, though. It’s all about helping Aries see the big picture – without getting in their way.

Whereas competition wedges these two lovers apart, it also brings them together. Aries provides the initiative, while Leo does the planning and organizing.

Aries-Leo sex

Not only are Aries and Leos natual soulmates, but sparks also fly in bed.

Both are passionate and energetic, which obviously translates into their sex lives.

“Everything they lust is urgent, and their sexual encounters are spontaneous and action-packed. In the bedroom, Aries wants to completely dominate their partner. Their sex is intensely passionate and animalistic,” explains astrologer Valerie Mesa.

Simply put, the two fire signs have the same sexual desires. They include lengthy foreplay, role play, and other unconventional adventures.

And even if Leo does have some sexual apprehensions, they don’t have to worry about their Aries partner.

“Aries is also the least judgmental sign in the zodiac, and Leo can certainly have performance issues if they’re worried about being judged when the clothes come off,” explains astrologer Dr. Philip Young.

In other words, Aries and Leo can readily relax with each other – and just have a real good time.

While their passion can make them fight sometimes, they consider it the ‘foreplay’ they need for a sizzling night (or day.)

Aries-Leo marriage

Just as exciting as their sex life is the Aries-Leo union. Both are fire signs – passionate, ardent, and headstrong.

They want a soulmate who shares the same ardor as them.

Those who don’t share the same passion may find the ram off-putting, which is why they blend better with Leo.

They’re a perfect match for Aries’ fiery personality, after all.

Aries doesn’t mind the ups and downs of the marriage, while Leo’s hell-bent on making the union last.

While their partnership is a rather competitive one, it’s often for good. Aries will prod Leo to ‘do it,’ while Leo will cheer Aries to finish what they started.

Both are very loyal and honest with each other.

Aries are very blunt, often to a fault. That’s why they appreciate Leo for they are honest partners.

They don’t instead appreciate partners who are secretive or unclear about their needs and wants.

They crave transparency, as they are open to revealing what needs to be said. They don’t want you to beat around the bush, for they won’t!

Despite the bluntness of both signs, their marriage bond remains strong because of their ability to do the best – while still fighting fair.

While the secret to success lies in who you marry, there’s no denying that zodiac signs play a role in relationship longevity.

Just take a look at strong Aries-Leo marriages of Reese Witherspoon (Aries) and Jim Toth (Leo), and Paul Rudd (Aries) and Julie Yaeger (Leo.)

Apart from zodiac sign compatibility, answering these seven questions should help predict the success of your Aries-Leo partnership.

Aries-Leo parenthood

Aries and Leo are not only passionate about their partnership, but they’re very enthusiastic when it comes to kids as well. The love and dedication they share are seen in their parenting styles as well.

Thanks to their child-like personalities, they make for playful parents. The only problem is when an Aries parent starts a ‘spontaneous’ activity, their temper may flare.

This drawback aside, they make it a point to inspire their children to do their best.

An Aries parent will tell their kids to take the initiative, while the Leo parent will encourage them to ‘stick to it.’

Leos, after all, are loyal and devoted. They offer unwavering support to their children – as well as their partners.

While parenting can be a little challenging to their ‘fiery’ partnership, they often rise to the occasion.

Aries-Leo partnership issues

While their headstrong personalities make Aries and Leo compatible, it’s an issue as well.

More often than not, they find themselves in a quest to determine the ‘boss’ in the relationship.

The need to establish their dominance stems from both signs’ strong will, pride, and jealous nature.

How they resolve fights will, of course, depend on each other’s maturity levels. At the very most, there would be exchanges of harsh words and childish behavior – both of which could take a toll on the relationship.

4 signs Aries should avoid as soulmates

While Aries can have a peaceful relationship with an opposite sign (Libra and Aquarius), it’s not always the case.

Their powerful personality means they’re incompatible to be soulmates with:






Opposite poles attract – but it’s not the case with Aries and Cancer lovers. They butt heads because they represent each end of the spectrum.

Both signs form a square aspect, something that “creates tension and forces action.”

Aries natives, as mentioned, are intellectual, rational, and impulsive.

Cancer people, on the other hand, are very calm. They can’t make decisions under immense pressure, which Aries natives find pretty irritating.

As they’re pretty impulsive, Aries tend to explode whenever they’re mad. They need time to process their emotions, so Cancer – being ever calm – pops up right away, they’ll most likely receive very hurtful words.

Sex is also a disaster between these two. Aries views lovemaking with gusto – but they don’t take it seriously.

The ram, being passionate, dislikes partners who aren’t as ardent as they are.

Cancer, given their traditional style, considers sex as a tender expression of love instead of a buzz-filled act.

As astrologer Aycee Brown explains it:

“It’s true that an Aries will appreciate the home that a Cancer will create for them, but if they’re unwilling to settle down, it’s unlikely that the relationship will last.”


Needless to say, the Aries-Capricorn partnership is a soulmate disaster waiting to happen. They’re like oil and water and thus have one of the lowest love and marriage compatibilities.

“They’re as stubborn as they come, and they approach life differently. There’s a good chance these two will find themselves clashing over their beliefs and values,” remarks astrologer Jayde Young.

The opposition between Capricorn’s Saturn and Aries’ Mars makes it hard to understand each other.

Aries is very assertive, while Capricorn is very meticulous. The latter is very logical, so they often find Aries’ assertions unreasonable.

As for the impulsive Aries, they may find Capricorn’s desire for productivity boring (irritating even.)

For one, the independent ram doesn’t like being contained. They’re rebellious, so they’ll do anything they want – whenever they want it.

Should the Capricorn partner try to stop them, they’ll just push them over the edge.

“Aries’ intense yet quick processing of their feelings may confuse Capricorn, who may not be able to relate to that processing speed,” explains astrologer and author Stephanie Gailing.

The result: long-term quarreling (among many other problems.)


Pisces is another sign that doesn’t jive well with Aries when it comes to a soulmate connection.

In essence, “Water and fire are not always known for being a good match when you consider that water (Pisces) extinguishes fire (Aries),” says astrologer Arriana Fox.

For one, Pisces yearns for a tender, soft approach, which Aries is NOT known to do.

As Stellas puts it: “Piscean energy is a little too chill for Aries, though a short fling can be fun.”

To put it into perspective: the action-focused Aries doesn’t like the thought of being bored. They don’t want the calm Pisces stopping them from embarking on a new adventure.

Likewise, Pisces can’t seem to understand Aries’ interpersonal skills, so they often find them quite demanding.

Because of these differences, the two signs find it harder to listen and empathize with one another actively.


Scorpio is another sign that astrologers deem to be incompatible with Aries. They score low in love and communication.

Although they’re highly different from each other, they do seek personalities different from theirs.

The fun-loving Scorpio shares ‘balance’ with the serious Aries, which is why they’re easy to trust each other.

Surprisingly, sex between the two is nothing short of amazing.

“Scorpio’s fearlessness when it comes to sex means that they could have amazingly creative (and maybe kinky) sex with Aries,” explains Stellas.

Bedroom matters aside, Scorpio’s overprotectiveness sometimes goes over the line. Even so, it’s something that won’t easily tear them apart.

Aries in love and relationships

In a nutshell, Aries are powerful yet passionate leaders. They’re known for these characteristics:

‘Warrior’ lover and risk-taker

Aries, ever the leader, is known to be courageous and confident.

They’re unafraid to take the lead, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised if an Aries girl makes a move on you.

They’re aggressive and demanding because they’re used to getting what they want.

That said, they don’t like ‘easy’ prey. They value the chase because they like working hard for everything – especially when it comes to love.

They’re straightforward, which means they’re honest with what they feel. They’ll tell the truth

like they always do.

Talker and ‘actor’

According to astrologer Ambi Kavanagh, Aries, which is ruled by Mars, “Is passionate and needs physical touch, plus those words of affirmation to stroke their love ego.”

Simply put, words of affirmation are words of encouragement or compliments.

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, this ‘love language‘ is what couples want (or expect) from their partners.

Aries, for one, aren’t afraid of expressing their feelings. They want their partner to know that they love and care for them.

They don’t want their partners to ‘doubt’ their affection for them. Aries will proclaim their love for their significant other straight to their face.

Additionally, rams love cheering for their lovers. They’re keen to show their support, no matter what the case may be.

Here are some words of affirmation that an Aries will often say to their partner:

  • “I’m proud of you.”
  • “I’m impressed by your…”
  • “I am very grateful for you.”
  • “I appreciate that you…”
  • “I love our life together.”

Physical touch

While physical touch is often linked with sex, it goes beyond that. (That said, Aries is pretty sexual, as you’ll read below.)

It’s about intimacy – feeling loved through hugs, kisses, hand-holding, and gentle caresses.

When we touch someone we love, our brains produce Oxytocin – a hormone that leads to ‘deep attachment.’

Want to learn more about the three other love languages? Then click here to learn more about quality time, receiving gifts, and acts of service.

‘Sexual’ lover

With Mars as its ruling planet, rams are known to engage in intense (if not dramatic) relationships.

Being sexually charged, Aries likes the thrill of the chase.

While physical attraction always comes first, they do give in to some playful flirting. Aries love sexual banter, which they consider some sort of foreplay.

Competitive and loyal soulmate

If someone else is eyeing Aries’ lover, then you can expect them to make a show for it.

They will do their best to win their amour’s heart – and crush that of the opponent’s.

In fact, only a few can defeat Aries when it comes to pursuing a lover.

Expectedly, the bullheaded ram expects you to be as loyal as they are to you. Betrayal is something they find hard to forgive.

Long-time companion

Aries dislike shallow relationships.

They dote on long-term soulmate relationships – and the prospect of marriage.

They prefer excitement over romance and passion over accord.

That said, an Aries lover can be your biggest cheerleader – and protector too. They always campaign for their partners – as well as their family and friends.

Likewise, they expect their lovers to do the same and stand up for them.

While rams undoubtedly have a tough exterior, the truth is they’re soft-hearted. In fact, Aries males are often very sensitive when it comes to relationships.

Whar are Aries like as lovers? (Aries and sex)

“Those born under the sign of the ram are blessed with incredible stamina and red-hot passion running through their veins,” explains astrologer Valerie Mesa.

Aries, being very fiery persons, are all for passionate sex.

They often start with sexual banter, which they consider a part of foreplay (which is something they love, by the way.)

It’s just one of the many signs that Aries wants to make love with you, though.

They’re ardent seducers, which means they can easily sweep someone off their feet. They can make their partners feel like they’re the most beautiful/handsome person on earth.

The ram likes to explore and try new things. So if their partner is hesitant to take things a notch higher, then Aries may end up shunning them.

However, if you’re somebody who’s all for it, then you’ll find it hard to reject the ram’s advances.

While Aries does tend to focus more on their sexual satisfaction, it’s an act they don’t do casually.

Remember: they only want to get intimate with the people with which they share a strong bond.

Common mistakes Aries makes in soulmate relationships

As mentioned, Aries natives are impulsive. While this makes for passionate lovemaking, their impatience also means that they’re quick to pick a fight.

They’re also very moody and aggressive, which can drive their partners away.

Aries people also love being in charge. They’re so headstrong that they’re used to getting what they want.

They barely bend they will, which is why they need someone who knows how to compromise.

Rams are very honest, so they’ll say what they think – no holds barred. While it’s generally good for the relationship, a sensitive partner could take offense to it.

These are just some of the reasons why Aries needs to date strong-willed people like them. Thin-skinned signs such as Cancer and Capricorn will only end up crying over the ram’s brutally frank opinions.

In summary: Aries soulmate compatibility

Aries, being passionate, is compatible with someone as fiery as them. That’s why they’re a perfect soulmate match for Leos, who are as lively and creative as them.

While each needs to assert their dominance, it does bring them together.

Apart from Leo, other signs compatible with Aries include Gemini, Libra, and a fellow Aries.

Given the ram’s strong personality, some ‘sensitive’ signs may find their brashness a problem.

Compatibility can be a problem with ‘opposites’ such as Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces.


Which signs are incompatible with Aries?

Three signs are incompatible with the passionate Aries:

  • Cancer. The crab is very calm, while the ram is very impulsive.
  • Capricorn. The horned goat is another poor partner, for Aries is assertive, while Capricorn is very logical and meticulous.
  • Pisces. Aries is passionate and impulsive, so they have difficulty listening to each other.

What’s Aries’ love language?

Aries’ main love languages are two. One is words of affirmation, which includes compliments and word encouragement. Another is physical touch, e.g., holding hands or kissing.

What does Aries hate in a relationship?

Aries hates lovers who are not as passionate as them. They don’t like being contained, and they especially don’t like partners who bore them.

They like changing and switching up things, which could be challenging for partners who demand stability.

What qualities make the best partner for Aries?

While signs matter, passion, intellectualism, honesty, a sense of adventure, and attention detail will make you the ‘best’ partner for your Aries lover:

What does Aries want in a relationship?

Aries natives are hopeless romantics. They love meaningful conversations and seeking new adventures. They value their independence – which is why they like a soulmate who’ll let them ‘be their own person.’

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