10 reasons why Vietnamese women are different to other women

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Once you have met Vietnamese women, your impression is probably that they are different from other women you know. 

However, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Knowing this, here are 10 reasons why Vietnamese women are different to other women:

1) They are more caring about family values than their careers

Most Western women are career-oriented and often have to sacrifice their family values to set up a career.

The reason is that the majority of Western women live under the “survival of the fittest” rule where everything is about how much profit you can make and how much more powerful you are than others.

Even though many Vietnamese are also pursuing careers, they know what’s more important in life: their family

Other women might perceive this as a sign of weakness, but Vietnamese women look at being close to their families as a strong quality.

Family values have been passed down from generation to generation in Vietnam since 1000 years ago, so don’t view it as something fading away.

Put it simply, their families are their inspiration to pursue the career they are interested in.

2) They are more aggressive when it comes to work

Even though they are more caring about family values, they are aggressive when it comes to work. 

According to statistics, Vietnamese women are the top performers among women in Asia.

You might think that they are naturally gifted, but the truth is they worked hard for it. 

Furthermore, their aggressive attitude makes them more competitive at work and home.

They’ve made themselves a better product and have put themselves into positions where anything less than a perfect performance will be unacceptable.

In order to pursue a career in Vietnam, you need to be very aggressive and competitive because the country is rapidly developing economically every day. 

Vietnamese women know that if they want to stand out from the crowd, they have to do better than others and make themselves stand out from others.

3) They’re more reserved than other women

Vietnamese women are born with qualities that make them reserved and quiet, so you can’t blame it on the upbringing of their parents either. 

Most Western women are chatty and outgoing, but this is not what Vietnamese women are like. 

Compared to Western women, they’re more reserved, shy and quiet because they want to know you better before they open up to you.

4) They dress differently than other women

When it comes to clothes, they usually like bright colors instead of dark shades. This is due to their love for life, which makes them like being surrounded by bright and colorful things.

Vietnamese women wear beautiful, colorful dresses and always look feminine and attractive. 

Other women wear tight dresses that emphasize more on their bodies than their beauty. 

Some western women think tight clothes are fashionable because they want men to notice their sexy figures and so do Vietnamese women, but there’s a big difference: Vietnamese women wear tight clothes to emphasize the beauty of their bodies while Western women wear tight clothes to emphasize the sexiness of their bodies.

Their sense of fashion is more natural and feminine, so if you are looking for a girl who can make you feel the most comfortable and relaxed, Vietnamese women are the right choice.

5) They are more cultured than other women

The influence of Confucianism and Buddhism on Vietnamese culture has brought out the best in them. 

They have characteristics such as being polite, respectful and tolerant towards others that some Western women may lack. For example, when meeting a Vietnamese girl, she is more likely to hold your hand or give you a warm welcome.

She will also pay attention to you and talk with you more than most of an average Western girl would.

Truth be told thought, they are also much more likely to be attentive in front of their bosses or colleagues. 

Vietnamese women know how important it is for them to make a good impression on others, so this takes priority over everything else.

You will know once you have spent time with them how polite, respectful and tolerant they are.

6) They’re more nurturing than other women

Vietnamese mothers (and fathers) have a strong sense of responsibility for their children. 

The nurturing characteristics mentioned above also extend to their children. 

Vietnamese women love their children from the minute they are born and take good care of their children. 

In fact, Vietnamese women are some of the most devoted mothers in the world because it’s part of their culture and family values.

As I have described earlier, they are more family-oriented than other women.

Vietnamese women usually marry and bear children at earlier ages than other women.

They love to take care of their husband and children, and they also really enjoy family gatherings. 

A man who wants to build his own family in the future might want to consider looking for a Vietnamese woman.

7) They’re more independent than other women

Especially if someone is a foreigner to Vietnam, Vietnamese women can be a little too aggressive for their taste and often have a tendency to be negative towards them from day one. 

As I have mentioned in the article, Vietnamese women are more competitive than some Western women to cope with the country’s rapidly changing economy and improvements in technology.

This is maybe due to the fact that they are very disciplined – they stay positive and optimistic and don’t get discouraged by the negative things in life.

For example, not many people know this but Vietnamese women can be very disciplined when it comes to food, especially seafood. 

They usually prepare seafood dishes a few minutes before they eat because they don’t allow the food, to sit there for long at room temperature or carry it around with them in a plastic bag.

With this, you can picture that Vietnamese women are very assertive, but they are also less flamboyant than other women. 

They hold their pride as a virtue and know how to be compassionate towards others as well. 

When you first meet a Vietnamese woman she might seem cold, but she’s really just hard to impress with her own pride.

8) They’re more traditional than other women

Like most Asian cultures, Vietnamese women are more traditional in their roles and to whom they can marry. 

A Vietnamese woman wants to marry a man with enough money to take care of the family so they don’t have to worry that much about financial issues in the future. 

They also want a man who can take care of the entire family, not just themselves only. They want a man who can take care of them and their children instead of the other way around. 

Being traditional also means they are less anxious to get married. 

They might wait a few years before they get married since they want men who are mature enough to take care of them and their children well. 

Keep this in mind: Vietnamese women are more focused on their family’s happiness when it comes to relationships, so they spend more time finding a match who will be good for the family.

9) They’re more artistic than other women

According to research, Vietnamese women have an average IQ of 97, which means they are pretty intelligent, especially compared to Western women’s average IQ of 85.10 This shows that Vietnamese women probably have a better-developed brain than Western women. 

They are very intelligent and creative and they can understand complex concepts literally faster than most other people. 

And the best part?

They are one of the most creative people in the world, especially with artwork and jewelry design. They are also very artistic in the sense that they can create beautiful things with very little money and so it’s not surprising that they can also be creative in terms of relationships. 

If you visit Vietnam, you will see the rich variety of Vietnamese clothing and designs as well as the beauty of different kinds of jewelry. 

This is again a very traditional aspect of Vietnamese culture that has made it one of the most artistic countries in the world. 

10) They’re more honest than other women

Just like other Asian cultures, Vietnamese women are more straightforward and honest compared to some Western women. 

They don’t mind telling each other how they feel or how they feel about someone else around them; they are very generous in this sense

If they are upfront with you, they want you to be upfront with them as well. 

Vietnamese women rarely lie so you should never have to worry about them hurting or betraying you behind your back.

Don’t be discouraged though if they tell you something that might hurt your feelings, they are just being honest.

A man would want to be with a woman like this because you can expect her to be honest and faithful throughout the relationship, right?

Tips on dating a Vietnamese woman

Now that you have come to know a bit more about Vietnamese women in general, here are some tips on dating them.

1) Always be respectful towards her parents, especially her mother

One of the biggest mistakes some Westerners do when they first come to Vietnam is not respecting the elders, especially the younger female elder. 

Her mother always has the last say in how the relationship will go. She will express her opinion on everything, so you’ll need to respect her too. 

2) Buy things for her

It’s obvious that you will want to give her something nice and worthwhile, but it is also not very Vietnamese in style for a man to be giving money to a woman, especially during the beginning of the relationship. 

So before you give your girlfriend something special, you will have to go out and buy it for her. 

Try to be thoughtful about what to give to her – she will appreciate it a lot. 

3) Show your appreciation

You will have to show your appreciation to her, too!

Don’t be the type of guy that the moment you meet a woman, you take her out to eat and then leave after she’s finished so you can have some fun by yourself. 

She might think you’re cheap or just not interested in her as a person. Plus, you could get into a bad habit of doing this, which will result in her just not being happy with you. 

Instead, show her how much you appreciate her by taking her out to nice restaurants and giving her gifts.

4) Don’t underestimate Vietnamese women’s intelligence

I have just mentioned this above, but it’s worth mentioning again. 

Vietnamese women are very intelligent and that doesn’t mean they’re too cold or don’t understand what you’re saying to them. 

Vietnamese women are very important members of their families and you will want to show her respect as her man.

You should definitely be able to understand the kind of woman she is, no matter how intelligent she is, so make sure you know how to connect to her emotionally.

5) Don’t let the language be a barrier

Some Vietnamese women might have a problem understanding you if their English is not very good, but this will not be an issue at all if you can communicate well (or some!) in Vietnamese. 

In fact, for many Vietnamese women, it will be an added bonus because they won’t have to rely on their English as much. 

They also might just consider you more attractive when they hear how well you speak the language of Vietnam or even how much effort you put into learning it in the first place. 

You could be considered more intelligent and a gentleman as well.

Take things to the next level

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