Who’s the best soulmate for an Aquarius? Best love match revealed

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If you’re an Aquarius, then you may be wondering about your soulmate compatibility with other signs. 

Well, I have you covered.

In my epic Aquarius soulmate guide, you’ll learn all about your: 

  • Best (and worst) soulmate matches
  • Sex life with your soulmate
  • Common relationship mistakes you make as an Aquarius…

…and more! 

What are you waiting for? Read on to know everything about your zodiac sign and what it means for love.

4 best zodiac signs for an Aquarius (soulmate compatibility)

As an Aquarius, you need to put in a lot of effort to make your relationship work

However, it’s always lovely to be with someone who’s astrologically compatible with you. 

Love (among many other things) are written in the stars, as these Aquarius-compatible signs suggest:


As a fellow air sign, Gemini is one of the best soulmate matches for an Aquarius. 

“They are both intellectual and approach love and relationships in a similar fashion. They will have endless conversations and enjoy having an active social life,” says astrologer Narayana Montufar. 

When both come together – it’s reminiscent of young love. Both can’t seem to stop texting and calling – even giggling with each other. 

For one, they have a lot in common – be it their favorite TV show or music. 

They’re great storytellers – with auras like that of politicians. 

Unsurprisingly, both jive together because they keep each other in high spirits. 

They’re very cerebral, too, though they like keeping everything light. No heavy drama indeed!

That said, Aquarius and Gemini do have an issue with intimacy. 

Fortunately, all they need to do is get through the post-infatuation phase. Once they do, they’re effectively partners for life. 


As a fellow air sign, Libra proves to be another excellent soulmate match for Aquarius. They’re 90% compatible, according to this calculator

As to why: it’s obvious. 

For one, both are carefree – and have a sunny disposition in life

They have a harmonious relationship because they’re intellectual, freedom-loving beings. 

Explains astrologer Abigail Nora:

“Libra and Aquarius are both Air signs, presiding over all matters of the mind and intellect.”

In fact, they’ll intellectualize everything – rather than try and feel them. 

While Aquarius does tend to be more spontaneous, Libra is always willing to explore.  

As extroverts, these signs often meet up by chatting in the cafe or the park.

These conversations have so much chemistry in them that these signs quickly hit it off. 

Sadly, this casual nature – plus the moodiness – can get in the way of fantastic sex. 

It doesn’t help that the water bearer is not that romantic, either.

Despite these issues, Libra and Aquarius partners can push through until the end. It’s like having a lifelong playmate, only better. 


Despite being literal fire and water, Sagittarius and Aquarius have so much alike. Both are free-spirited, idealistic, and very independent. 

They can have long talks about everything – be it culture, travel, even philosophy. 

Simply put, both are big thinkers who quickly get to each other. 

They can be very compatible soulmates.

“Aquarius loves the ways worldly Sag brings optimism and helps Aquarius see the big picture,” says Montufar. 

Sex between the two is often sneaky, for both of you like ‘getting away’ with trysts in specific spaces. 

The problem, however, comes when one demands a commitment.

There’s also an issue with interest, especially in the long run. After all, the spontaneity that brought you two together has faded by then.  

Even with these issues, Sagittarius and Aquarius always find a way to make it work out. 

By living lives outside the relationship, they both come home with tales that bemuse each other.

“This is a good match because neither of these two signs will be tripping about the classic romance problems—jealousy, neediness, etc.,” she adds. 

All in all, the compatibility between the two signs is at a whopping 90%. 


Despite being a fire sign, Aries is very compatible with Aquarius

They have a 78% match, which may not be much – though it’s something.

“Aquarius finds Aries’ adventurous spirit fun and exciting, and Aries is individualistic enough not to be put off by Aquarius’ cool and remote nature,” explains Montufar. 

They’re so similar to each other that they often forge a kind of twin flame relationship. As such, Aries and Aquarius turn up more like siblings instead of lovers. 

Both are independent, witty, and comedic – traits that both consider ‘turn-ons.’ In fact, the funny banter often leads to a playful bedroom affair. 

While they have a lot in common, Aquarius and Aries often butt heads when conversing.

The former likes to keep it light, while Aries takes everything deeply that they end up brooding. 

Physicality is sometimes an issue too. Aries likes it hot and heavy – kissing, hugging, the whole shebang. Aquarius, on the other hand, prefers things to be more casual. 

Despite these differences, Aquarius and Aries relationships do work. After all, the ram is more than willing to give the water bearer the freedom they need.  

3 zodiac signs Aquarius should avoid (soulmate warning)

Aquarius’ free, eccentric, and extensive thinking may be generally positive – but they can be problematic for these signs:


Like Aquarius, Cancerians like taking care of other people.

But that’s about where their similarities end.

Cancers yearn for consistency, which is something they won’t get with the free-spirited Aquarius.

In fact, Cancer finds Aquarius’ demand for freedom very suspicious. 

Aquarius’ sense of community also makes Cancer feel like they’re only second-fiddle to the water bearer’s friends. 

Likewise, Aquarius is quick to dismiss Cancer’s need to talk about things – especially the small ones.

For the water bearer, a tiny problem doesn’t make sense. As far as they’re concerned, they don’t require much of their attention. 

As Montufar calls it:

“They have absolutely nothing in common. Aquarius is social, intellectual, and stubborn. And Cancer is emotional, ambitious, and a homebody.”

In fact, they’re so mismatched that Montufar only gives this partnership a few months tops. Unsurprisingly, love calculations show that they only have a 27% chance of compatibility. 


Aquarius and Taurus are signs that are in it for a long haul – but not with each other.

“Taurus and Aquarius express contrasting elements and qualities of the zodiac,” explains astrologer Simone Pinkashova.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which emanates feminine energy. That means they’re all about playfulness. 

In other words, the bull is a clingy and cuddly partner.

Such is the total opposite of Aquarius’ detached personality, which the masculine Uranus rules. Because of this, the water bearer is all about chaos and sudden change. 

These differences are apparent in the sack as well. 

Taurus likes taking a more passionate approach – while Aquarius is all about experimenting. They will need to communicate each other’s needs if they want to get deep into the relationship. 

Unfortunately, the ‘long haul’ is often impossible – given the signs’ compatibility rate of 58%. 


Scorpios are private, sensitive, and passionate individuals. They often find it hard to deal with Aquarius’ aloofness and emotional detachment.  

Emotional and intellectual struggles are rife between the two. 

Scorpio is known to take a deep dive into things, while Aquarians are happy to see the broad perspective. 

More importantly, Aquarius lives freely – while Scorpio is the opposite. 

The former will demand their freedom, which is often the case when the latter stops them from hanging out with friends for longer. 

True enough, the water bearer’s strong sense of friendship and community proves to be a hindrance as well. 

The sad part is that even if Scorpio sulks because of these issues, Aquarius won’t care. They’ll go their own merry way, just like what they do every day. 

All in all, their contrasting approaches in life often prove to be challenging for this partnership. 

As Dr. Veroshk Williams puts it: “Their relationship can be volatile, hostile, and emotionally draining.”

Despite these incompatibilities (73% match,) Aquarius and Scorpio have one thing going for them: bedroom matters. Sadly, it’s the only common ground that these signs have – and not much else. 

So, who’s the best soulmate match for an Aquarius?

Obviously, the best soulmate match for Aquarius is Gemini. Being both air signs, their partnership scores high in compatibility, sex, and communication


Aquarius and Gemini fit each other like a glove as soulmates. 

The compatibility level is very high: 95% overall. Categorically, they’re 99% compatible when it comes to values, intellect, and activities. 

They form a ‘trine,’  which, according to astrologer Mitzye Ribas, means they’ll have an easy and harmonious relationship.

Yes, their relationship will go smooth-sailing – even if Aquarius is stubborn and aloof – while Gemini is more open and social. 

They’re compatible signs because they both enjoy independence. They get the space they need from their partner – who has no problem giving it. 

Intellectual compatibility

Intellectually, the two air signs are a perfect soulmate match.

As a mutable air sign, Gemini is well-read, well-spoken, and highly social – all of which make them a perfect companion for Aquarius. 

For one, the water bearer needs someone who’ll listen to their new, radical pursuits. 

Gemini, who quickly gets bored, yearns for a partner who can mentally stimulate them – which is what Aquarius does. 

They can easily keep up with each other, while most signs can’t. 

As highly creative individuals, both Aquarius and Gemini thrive on variety. In fact, it’s what keeps them passionate about their relationship.

Emotional compatibility

What’s great about Aquarius and Gemini is that they don’t get too emotional. They can talk through their problems as very rational persons. 

Sadly, these similarities do end up bringing some problems. 

“Lack of emotional connection can haunt this relationship. Each would benefit from being with a partner with deep emotional connections to provide a foundational core to the relationship,” explains Robyn. 

Both find it hard to express their emotions, which may be okay most of the time. But for some couples, this can quickly spark the end of their relationship:

Fun fact: both hate doing chores and trivial tasks. So if ever you visit an Aquarian and Gemini’s home, don’t be surprised if their abode is in total disarray. 


The attraction between Aquarius and Gemini is immediate. 

The water bearer is known for being a direct, clear communicator. 

The twin, on the other hand, is all about output. 

Gemini loves to chat – they often speak with their hands!

This compatibility in communication is obvious in the two signs’ conversations, which are frequently fueled by debate. 

And while some signs may find this intimidating, both Aquarius and Gemini find the verbal and mental challenge attractive. 

Being competent communicators, Aquarius and Gemini won’t run out of subjects for their insightful conversations. Some may even think of it as a heated debate, given both signs’ rapid-fire comebacks. 

“They can speak openly about their fears, hopes, and dreams. Communication won’t be an issue here as these two signs are incredibly verbal and aren’t shy about letting their partner know about any issues they face,” explains Ribas. 


While they’re not sensual signs, the chemistry between these two is undeniable. They hit it off right at the bat.

This chemistry stems from the fact that they’re not only good friends but also passionate partners. 

Being good communicators, both Aquarius and Gemini are down for some dirty talk. They’ll tease and encourage the hell out of each other. 

Not only is this banter a part of their foreplay, but it’s also part of the after play. 

The only problem is that the talking often takes so long that one needs to stop conversing for things to happen!

Sexually, Aquarius is always daring to try new things. While Gemini isn’t that adventurous, they’re willing to try. It helps the latter get out of their shell, which in turn results in crazy bedroom romps. 

Parenting style

While both signs have a lot of similarities, the differences show in their varying parenting styles.

Gemini is more easygoing, which is why they enjoy doting and teaching their children. They take the role of the good parent, so to speak. 

Aquarius, on the other hand, approaches parenting more seriously. In fact, they may ‘force’ their children to eat special diets or join community organizations at such a young age. 

Yes, Aquarian parents often find themselves enforcing their ideals on their children. 

When disciplining their kids, Gemini will make time to explain why they should (or shouldn’t do) certain things. 

On the other hand, Aquarius will make a big speech on how their actions affect the people around them. Again, this all boils down to Aquarius’ humanitarian ways. 

Aquarius as soulmates (what are they really like?)

Aquarians love to be with somebody like them – intellectual, independent, and unconventional. 

Being eccentric, they approach love unconventionally as well. 

Serious dater

A good thing about Aquarians is that they’re serious when it comes to dating. They don’t date for dating’s sake, which is what the more emotional signs do. 

They will be clear with the fact that they want to date you exclusively

If you’ve gone out with Aquarius more than three or four times, it’s safe to say that they like you more than a friend. You should be happy! 

Lover = Best friend

Aquarius natives are known purveyors of friendship. As such, they consider having a platonic relationship with their partner as crucial. 

They want their lovers to be their best friends – which is why they’re looking for loyalty and camaraderie in their paramours. 

After all, being ‘friends with their partners allows Aquarius to learn more about them. It also enables them to avoid the challenges and problems that may occur in the future. 

Desire for freedom

Since Aquarius needs a lot of time (and space) for their revolutionary thinking, they need partners who will give them the freedom they need

It’s one of the reasons why some Aquarians find it hard to commit with somebody else. They don’t want to be tied down because they want to move about whenever they want to. 

That said, when they do find someone who they want to marry, they’ll commit to them hard. 

Unwavering loyalty

Although Aquarians love being free, they do settle down. And when they get married, they’re usually in it for the long haul. 

Aquarius natives are very loyal and faithful, although they may not look like it. They’re not touchy-feely people, after all. 

Aquarius and Sex

Aquarius is very experimental when it comes to sex. 

According to numerologist Sidhharrth Kumaar:

“An Aquarius believes in developing a very comforting but extremely sensual relationship with their partners. They do not want their partners to feel shy, and so they take one step at a time which is what excites their partners the most.”

The emotional connection they forge, however, is up for debate. 

That said, they make it a point to connect with their partner mentally – it’s more of a requirement before they have sensual relations with them. 

All in all, here’s what you can expect in the sack: 

Lots of foreplay

Aquarians consider foreplay as a crucial part of their sexual exploits. They try to learn their partner’s body and reactions to please them better. 

Heck, this emphasis on foreplay is a good sign that they love you

Experimental sex

Aquarians are uninhibited when it comes to sexual dealings. As mentioned, they’re very eccentric – which is something you can expect under the sheets. 

Aquarius men love to experiment, which means they’re willing to try BDSM (they’ll be the dom,) dirty talk, etc. They’re into stuff that’s considered forbidden, such as cyber or phone sex. 

More often than not, their partners find their desires a little bit kinky. Those who enjoy this type of kink, however, usually have a ball with their Aquarian partner!

Sexually-compatible signs with Aquarius

Because of Aquarius’ love for foreplay and kinky sex, it’s not surprising that they get along well with these three signs: 


Aries is not just a love match, it’s a sex match too. 

Aquarius, who tends to overthink, will be cheered on by Aries. 

“Aries will instigate to Aquarius’s delight and won’t hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity,” explains astrologer Lupe Terrones. 

As for Aquarius’ part, they will do everything they can in their power to satisfy their battering ram. 


Gemini makes for a sexually compatible partner because they’re a fellow earth element. 

For one, they communicate well. In fact, both find intellect such big turn-ons. 

They’re perfect for each other because Aquarius loves exploring new things – which is excellent for the easily-bored Gemini.

While both signs are love matches, they can settle for sexual flings as well.


Although Leo isn’t compatible with Aquarius, they make for great partners in the sack. 

Leo loves doting on Aquarius, who’ll greatly take advantage of the affection. 

They’re both adventurous, explains Terrones. 

“Aquarius wants to enhance their performance with innovation, while Leo wants to have fun.”

Common mistakes Aquarius makes in love and relationships

As expected, Aquarius’ bad traits lead to the big mistakes they make in relationships. Here are seven of them: 

1) Platonic (instead of romantic)

As the eleventh house of the zodiac, Aquarius is all about friendships and a sense of community.

Sadly, Aquarius is so into networking that they come off too platonic – when they need to be romantic.

It’s not only bad for their partners, but it’s terrible for them too. They may want to take things to the next level, but their friendly nature prevents them from achieving so. 

2) ‘Pals before partners’

Speaking of friendship, Aquarians are so friendly that they end up putting their pals above their partners. 

They’re so into their community and professional organizations that they often choose their social life over their romantic affairs.  

Sadly, it’s not just about the bro code. Research has shown that men – Aquarian or not – are hardwired to choose their friends first. 

3) Tendency to overthink

Aquarians are very cerebral, especially when it comes to relationships. Unfortunately, they overthink and end up with obsessive thoughts. 

According to clinical psychologist David A. Clark, Ph.D.: 

“When we pay too much attention to such thoughts, overanalyze their meaning, and try too hard to control them, we can slip into unhealthy forms of thought… And when we overanalyze negative, intrusive thoughts, we can end up anxious, depressed, frustrated, and guilt-ridden.” 

In other words, Aquarius’ overthinking ways often harm their romantic partnerships.

4) Emotional detachment

Emotional detachment is “An inability to connect with others on an emotional level, as well as a means of coping with anxiety by avoiding certain situations that trigger it.”

Aquarians, appear distant because of their aloof personality. 

That’s why their partners – especially the more sensitive ones – view them as emotionally detached. 

5) Self-righteousness

Aquarians are known to be stubborn. They think they’re always right, especially when it comes to relationships. 

In other words, they act smug, confident, and highly confident of their moral authority. 

Sadly, the Aquarian’s self-righteousness can badly affect their relationships – especially when it comes to love.

6) Disdain for conventional relationship rules

Aquarians are free and eccentric, which are a few things they bring to the relationship table. 

Because of these traits, Aquarians dislike partners who set conventional statutes. They prefer those who allow them to live by their own rules.

Likewise, they don’t want partners who tend to be clingy. They don’t like to be limited on what they need to do. 

7) Inability to recognize the past

Aquarians are future thinkers, so they just keep on going. Unfortunately, it gets in the way of them recognizing the importance of the past. 

Needless to say, their inability to look back at things can become problematic for their partners. 

In summary: Aquarius soulmate compatibility

Aquarius is a clever, optimistic, and eccentric spirit who doesn’t want to be tied down. These personalities make it compatible with Gemini and Aries, who are willing to give their Aquarian partners the freedom they need. 

When it comes to love and relationships, the Aquarius is a serious dater who treats their lovers much like their best friends. 

They crave independence, which is what most people want in their relationships.

Even with their unending desire for freedom, Aquarians will remain loyal and faithful to their partners.

Sadly, these positive traits make for Aquarius’ mistakes in love. They’re overthinkers who tend to be emotionally distant. These are just some reasons why they’re incompatible with the more sensitive signs of Scorpio, Taurus, and Cancer. 


Which signs are incompatible with Aquarius?

The three signs that don’t jive well with Aquarius are Scorpio, Taurus, and Cancer as soulmates.

Scorpions are sensitive, private individuals, while Taurus tends to be clingy.

Cancer, on the other hand, demands consistency.

Unfortunately, what these signs need is something the free-spirited Aquarius can’t give. 

What does Aquarius hate in a relationship?

Aquarians hate to bow down to conventional relationship rules. They crave freedom, which is why they hate partners who are clingy or set restrictive stipulations. 

What qualities make the best partner for Aquarius?

Aquarius looks for a partner who shares the same traits and personalities. 

For one, they are very compatible with a similarly-cerebral Gemini. 

Libra, a fellow air sign, shares Aquarius’ carefree lifestyle. 

Despite being the opposite fire sign, Aries is just as independent and witty as Aquarius. 

The same goes with Sagittarius, another fire sign who’s as idealistic as the water bearer. 

What does Aquarius want in a relationship? 

As a friendship-centered person, Aquarius wants a partner with whom they can share a platonic type of relationship. They want someone who’ll give them the freedom to do what they want to do, for they crave independence above all.

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