Angel Number 999 Meaning for Love and Relationships (Complete Guide)

If you see 999 a lot, know that it’s not a fluke. There are many reasons why you’re seeing them – and most of them relate to love.

What does angel number 999 really mean when it comes to love and relationships?

Read on to find out!

What does the Angel Number 999 mean in love?

999 – when added and reduced to one – results in the number 9

It’s symbolic of a fresh start. 

In love – as with other things – when one door closes, another one opens. You need to be attentive to the universe’s signs

They mean you’re about to meet your twin flame or soulmate soon. 

Likewise, 999 is your angel’s way of telling you to start over – and surrender to things you can’t control.

More importantly, they’re encouraging you to express yourself – and be of service to others. 

5 reasons why you keep on seeing Angel Number 999

The number 999 multiplies the power of the number 9. It’s a digit that represents ideals, interests, mysticism, and humanitarian welfare. 

These symbolisms make for these five reasons why you keep on seeing the angel number 999: 

1) You need to surrender control

Control is all about ‘making things happen the way we want.’ 

We like being in control of our lives, especially when it comes to relationships or career. Unfortunately, we can’t always govern every single thing in our life – and that’s fine. 

So if you’re seeing the angel number 999, it’s telling you to accept the fact that things won’t always go your way. 

There are things you can’t control, which is why you need to focus more on yourself. 

You need to surrender to a higher power, for it’s the universe’s way of opening new doors for you.

When you relinquish control, you’ll find it easier to embark on your new journey. 

2) It’s time to start over

Speaking of new beginnings, the angel number 999 is telling you that it’s time to close a chapter in your life. Be it a bad relationship or a draining job, you need to free yourself from them! 

You know it’s time to put an end to things when you’re on repeat and drained of your passion.

As author John Brandon puts it:

“The truth is, ‘new’ helps you place periods in life. If you are stuck in a pattern of a negative thought, or a dead-end career, or even some form of depression, trying something new enlivens your spirit, sure, but it also helps you take a quick look down the road you’ve been on.” 

In case you’re thinking twice about starting anew, Brandon has this to say:

“There’s a certain amount of fear in placing a period because it’s hard to go back and erase it. Here’s my advice: Place the period. Take the risk. Start a new chapter.”

Essentially, the number 999 is telling you to trust your angels. You’ll feel an unmistakable force motivating you to move forth. 

It’s a sign that they’re leading you to a path that has long been meant for you. They’re here to guide you towards your new adventure. 

That said, you need to prepare before you start this new chapter in your life. 

You need to evaluate your life goals – as well as your other plans and ideas. 

Do these things still suit you?

If not, then you should focus on what you want, for they will guide you in your new journey. 

Yes, it’s painful to say goodbye to something with which you’re accustomed. 

Be it your romantic partner or decades-old job, the number 999 is telling you to turn a new leaf – no matter how hard it might be. 

You need to move right NOW if you want to reach your full potential.

3) Forgiveness is key

Maybe your ex is dating someone new, and it’s hurting you a lot

While it’s hard to forgive them – given that they cheated on you – it’s time you did.

Remember: the angel number 999 is all about surrendering control and starting anew.

If you remain bitter, you’ll find it harder to move on with the next chapter in your life. 

“Forgiving is one way of letting go of your baggage so that you can heal and move forward with your life,” explains author and social worker Terry Gaspard. 

In addition, forgiving the people who wronged you can be very therapeutic – both mentally and physically. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, forgiving others can help you enjoy: 

  • Lower blood pressure and improved heart health
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Stronger immune system
  • Lower risk for depression
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Better relationships

If you feel it hard to move past your issues, consider this advice by Dr. Janis Abraham – author of the book ‘How Can I Forgive You?’:

“For those of you who have been wronged, I encourage you to take care of yourself, be fair, and seek life-serving ways to cleanse your wound.”

4) Go and express yourself

It’s hard to express yourself, especially if your individuality has been suppressed for so long. 

Whether you have a controlling partner – or toxic family members – the number 999 is telling you to free yourself from them. 

Now, more than ever, you should take the opportunity to express yourself in whatever way you want. Be it writing, singing, or dancing, now’s the moment to uncover the real you.

According to Karen Sosnoski, Ph.D.

“To express yourself creatively means manifesting all that you are —your talent and spirit — just as powerfully and authentically as you can.”

Creative expression is a great way to surrender control, which is another one of 999’s messages. 

Likewise, doing so will make your new journeys in love – and life – easier.

5) Be of service to others

The angel number 999 does more than help you take control of your life. It’s also telling you to be of service to others. 

According to author Evan Carmichael, “If you’re not happy, it’s because you’re not serving.” 

While it’s essential to focus on yourself – it’s a survival mechanism, after all – it pays to serve others.

For one, being of service has the same effects as that of food or sex. 

Do note that It’s physically impossible to serve everyone – no matter how much you want to – so it’s better to start small. 

Start by determining your most important core value – then proceed to look for people who share the same value. 

Next, you need to figure out your purpose, which Carmichael believes “comes from your pain.” 

The takeaway here is you don’t have to be all-knowing to serve. 

“Perfectionism prevents people from serving others,” adds Carmichael.  

Instead, you should let your new adventures – and your progress – help you serve the best way you can. 

Angel Number 999 for Twin Flames

As mentioned, the angel number 999 signifies the end of old things. 

It also means the start of new ones. 

The same can be said for budding (and established) twin flame relationships. 

1) You’re about to meet your twin flame

If you’re still looking for your mirror soul, it means that your twin flame is about to enter your life. 

That’s why you need to recognize the signs.  

Think: Do you always feel happy – or find yourself being pulled to unexpected places?

And if you’re in a typical relationship, do you feel like there’s someone else for you? Well, maybe there is. 

If you often experience synchronicities or angel numbers like 999, then you need to keep your eyes peeled. 

It’s a sign that your twin flame is about to arrive soon! 

2) It’s time to move to the next phase 

The number 999 is all about new beginnings. 

If you’re in a twin flame relationship, then it’s a sign that you may be moving to the next stage. 

For example, if you’re in the dreaded separation phase – then you might be moving to the surrender stage soon. 

Who knows? You might be on your way to a reunion sooner than later. 

Despite the looming separation, the angel number 999 is reminding you to stay positive. It’s also encouraging you to surrender control, for it will help things fall into place. 

3) Separation might happen

While the angel number 999 does have significant meanings for twin flames, it does allude to separation. 

Though saddening, you should take this time to reflect on your relationship with your twin flame.

Doing so will help you grow as a person – and become a ‘better’ twin flame. 

Remember: this type of progress is what you need to end twin flame separation right away. 

Angel Number 999 for Soulmates 

If you’re still searching for your soulmate, then you should be happy if you keep on seeing the number 999. 

It means that your soulmate is about to enter your life soon. You need to pay attention to the universe.

Here are some signs that your soulmate is right around the corner: 

  • You’ve changed your life for the better. 
  • You’ve healed.
  • You know what you want.
  • You feel loved.
  • You’re inspired.
  • You’ve realized your purpose in life.
  • You’re feeling very positive.
  • You know that your soulmate is about to enter your life.
  • You have romantic dreams about your soulmate.
  • Old situations or patterns keep showing up, e.g., a former flame you’ve come into contact with once again.
  • New opportunities have come your way.

Doreen Virtue on Angel Number 999

Doreen Virtue, the author of the book “Sweet Dreams Scripture,” believes that 999 is a number meant for ‘light workers.’ 

As the name suggests, light workers were meant to ‘bring light’ to the universe – whether spiritually, emotionally, or physically. 

Also known as crystal babies, indigos, Earth angels, and star seeds, they “act as a beacon for the Earth, and commit to serving humanity.”

If you’re constantly seeing the number 999, then it’s a sign for you to exercise your loving and healing powers. 

You’re brimming with love, compassion, kindness, and peace, which you need to share with other people. 

You shouldn’t limit ‘sharing your light’ to your soulmate or twin flame, though. You also have the responsibility to share these gifts with those in need as well. 

Other Angel Numbers related to 999

The angel number 999 might not be the only thing you’re seeing. You may be noticing these related digits as well: 

  • The high energy of Angel number 919 is a manifestation of the love of God going through your life and it delivers a message from the Universe that an abundance of love and positivity is waiting for you
  • Angel number 777 brings messages that are similar to 999 as its encouraging you to move along and take that next step for it’s the only way you can grow as a person for ‘staying in place will do you no good’
  • Similar to number 999, Angel number 888 hints at the need for change; the angels are telling you to start anew, especially if you’re stuck in a partnership that seems to be going nowhere and it also signifies that love is about to come your way
  • Never fear as seeing Angel number 666 is a good omen for it signifies that you’re about to experience more love in your life and it’s an invitation to develop your romantic side and get more creative with your partner
  • When it comes to love, Angel number 77 is a great sign of fulfillment, you’re in alignment with your soul’s purpose, and you are receiving a message that your heart is in the right place

Seeing Angel Number 999: What does it mean for your love life?

If you’re seeing the angel number 999, then you should celebrate. 

It represents universal love – as well as completion. 

It means that you’re about to meet the love of your life: your soulmate. You need to be vigilant for the signs, for they may end up passing you if you don’t! 

The same goes for twin flames. You’re about to meet your mirror soul, but you may end up separating from them as well. 

Despite this setback, you need to know that it’s not the end. 

The universe is giving you this time to reflect on your relationship

It’s also providing you with an opportunity to grow – for this will pave the way for a longer-lasting partnership. 

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