Angel Number 444: What it Means For Love and Relationships

The angel number 444 is a powerful and mysterious number. 

If you’ve been seeing this number around there are some things you should know about your love life. 

Here’s the low-down on 444.

What does angel number 444 mean in love? 

Angel numbers carry deep meaning when it comes to love, and 444 is not exception.

The number four is a powerful number: it can relate to the four elements (earth, air, fire, water) and the four directions of the world. 

444 is a number of grounding and stability, and in love, it is a wake-up call to focus on practical building blocks to find and keep the love we need in our lives.

The number 444 is a reminder if you’re in a relationship to anchor yourself and your partner in the love and life that you have together. 

If you’re single, the number 444 is all about improving and building that relationship with yourself and inner harmony. 

Like spiritual blogger Matt Beech writes:

“Then 444 reminds us that we need stability and certainty to function in worldly relationships with other people.”

Top 5 reasons you keep seeing angel number 444

1) Never settle for less than you deserve in love

The number 444 is there as a giant reminder to never settle for less than you deserve in love

This doesn’t refer to linking up with the richest, smartest, most attractive person you can find. 

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It means what you deserve on a spiritual and emotional level. 

Trying to tie yourself to someone unstable, or being highly unstable yourself, is going to get both of you badly hurt and heartbroken. 

444 is there to remind you that good things are on the way if you remain determined and don’t compromise or look for a quick fix.

“When it comes to love, this number brings only good things. 

“It motivates you to be more determined towards finding the right person for you to live your life with, happily and in love,” writes Planet Numerology.

Far too often, we take whatever we get and tell ourselves that’s all that’s ever going to happen. 

Past disappointments or doubts in ourselves or our own worth can hamper us in so many ways. 

But 444 comes to remind us that with a solid foundation we can reach for the stars and have the love we always dreamed of. 

2) Good love is on its way

At heart, 444 is a very optimistic number. 

If you’re seeing angel number 444 it’s a herald of great things to come in romance. 

It might not be in the form you expect, but it will arrive. 

With the solid footing of 444 and feeling happy with yourself, love is around the corner for you. 

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As Lara Smith writes:

“444 Angel Number comes to single people to show that love will come to them easily this time around. Love is something that everyone needs in their lives. 

“Angels will guide you into meeting the right person who will eventually become your soul mate for life. Everyone looks for that ideal partner who will make their lives complete in all aspects.”

You don’t want to fall into the trap of trying to find someone to “complete” you, as this could lead into codependency…

But the magical thing about the Universe is that you will finally find someone who completes you when you’re already complete. 

Rather than drawing from each other’s store of energy and love, you will share the overflowing love that you each have and share your self-sufficiency with each other.

When you’re seeing the angel number 444 quite frequently, you’re being given  thumbs up and a promise:

Good love is coming, don’t give up!

3) A potential red light for your relationship

In some cases, 444 can be a potential red light for your relationship. 

It may mean that you’re headed for a rough patch, or that the trouble you’re currently experiencing means it’s not the right relationship for you. 

The number 444 is basically a “love reality check.”

It asks whether this relationship is really going to make it, and demands that you be honest about the answer. 

“If you’re in a relationship and keep seeing angel number 444, it’s an indicator to take a deep look at your relationship and determine if it’s healthy or if work needs to be done. 

“Are both you and your partner emotionally stable? 

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“Do you feel safe and secure in your relationship? Do you and your partner trust one another?” writes High Vibes Haven (HVH).

These are hard questions to ask, but sometimes they can really show you things you’ve been overlooking or choosing to overlook. 

The fact of the matter is that some relationships are better off to leave behind. 

So if you’re wondering whether to put more time and energy into a relationship or whether to walk away, 444 is there to ask you to assess the stability and core meaning of your relationship. 

Is it solid or is it built on shifting sand?

4) The darkest hour is just before dawn

Another one of the top meanings for angel number 444 and love relates to heartbreak and disappointment. 

If you’ve been going through a very hard time in love or from love you lost, then it becomes very easy to fall into a dark place. 

You may stop looking after yourself and lose your emotional hope for the future. 

Everything just seems so bleak. 

But 444 is all about the transition from darkness to light.

This actually relates to one of the religious and spiritual meanings of the number. 

As High Vibes Haven explains

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“There were 44 months and 4 days between the day that Jesus was baptized and the day he was confirmed to be crucified on the cross. 

“Christians believe that this crucifixion was the culmination of Jesus’ work and proof that everything will be ok.”

If you’ve gone through an awful time with a lover or feel like you’ll always be alone, this number is there to tell you that you’re wrong. 

There’s still hope and it’s much closer than you think. 

Get yourself up and do your best to keep soldiering on. The darkest hour is just before the dawn, and after the crucifixion comes the resurrection.

5) Love as much as possible

One of the strongest meanings of angel number 444 is about love in general. 

This can relate to romantic love, but it can also mean about your relation to the world as a whole. 

This world is starving for love and in need of people who are stable within themselves and can share that stability with others. 

When you see 444 all the time it’s telling you about your potential to be a love-giver to the world. 

It is a signal to you that you need to embrace your inner nature of love and light and share that with the universe. 

There is far too much hate and bitterness in this world today, dark energy that demands and envies and resents. 

This energy goes in a downward cycle, acting as a parasite on others and leading to codependent relationships

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444, in contrast, is all about loving people whenever you can and being there for friends, partners, family and even strangers whenever possible. 

As Angel Reader Darren writes:

“444 is a reminder to love people because you are love, no matter who they are or what they have done. Being indifferent towards other, hating others and conditionally loving people is not kind or genuine or true. 

“You are here to spread universal and unconditional love.”

Angel number 444 for twin flames

If you’re seeing the number 444 a lot and are asking yourself if it holds meaning for you and your twin flame, then the answer is yes!

  • You and your twin flame are being guided together

If you haven’t met your twin flame yet, you will soon. 

If you’ve already met him or her then your connection is only going to get better as time goes by.

Seeing 444 quite a bit is so encouraging when it comes to twin flames, and I’ve experienced it turning a lot around in my own relationship with my twin flame. 

As Angel Numbers writes:

“The guardian angels who are watching over you want you to find love and create meaningful relationships with the people in your life.”

  • Is your twin flame still burning brightly?

If you’re together with your twin flame or connected to him or her in some way, 444 is asking you to take stock of where things are at.

If there’s trouble on the horizon or your strong bond is causing you to go at each other’s throats, 444 reminds you to go back to basics. 

There’s plenty of ways that even a twin flame can become a burden and sometimes twin flames set off the worst in each other.

Unfortunately, you can even feel like your twin flame is somebody you don’t like at a certain point, because they mirror back to you the worst aspects of yourself. 

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But 444 is telling you there’s still hope if you return to basics. 

For twin flames who are apart

  • Is your twin flame still burning brightly?

If you’re apart from your twin flame, 444 is asking you to think about what drove you apart. 

No matter what it was, what was it about your twin flame or the time you spent together that ended up not going well?

When you think about this honestly and pay attention to it, answers will come.

“It can be taken as a sign that this department of your relationship still needs some work,” advises Calming Cosmos

  • When will you meet your twin flame?

If you haven’t met your twin flame, then 444 is telling you that you will meet your twin flame soon. 

It is a sign to advise you that you need to improve your own inner stability first.

Even the virtue of patience itself is very valuable to think about here. 

When you’re patient, you begin building those personality muscles that show you have true character. 

When all four elements work together in symbiosis, harmony results and the twin flame is naturally drawn towards you.

Angel number 444 for soulmates

If you’re seeing the number 444 a lot and wonder what it means for you and your soulmate, then take comfort in knowing the Universe is on your side. 

This is very good news.

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  • Let the negative vibes go

One of the top meanings of angel number 444 for soulmates is that it’s time to let the negative vibes go. 

Life can be hard and soulmate connections aren’t always easy, but it’s never a good idea to let the dark energy take over and drown you out. 

It can end up submerging the connection you have with your soulmate and make you start to lose appreciation for all that they offer. 

Like Fair Reporters says:

“It is also a love reminder that there is no place for negative thoughts in your relationship. 

“This sequence reminds you that you will have a strong relationship and no negative energy or thought will affect it. It also means a fresh start in your relationship.”

  • Reconnect at the point where you’re strongest

The number 444 reminds soulmates to reconnect at the point where they’re strongest.

When it comes to soulmates, it can be easy to notice the ways in which you’re on slightly different paths. 

Even though your bond still burns bright, you may be noticing one or two areas where there’s confusion or insecurity. 

444 is there to tell you to reconnect where you’re strongest and reinforce that connection you have. 

For soulmates who are apart

  • Focus on what unites you

If you’re apart from your soulmate, then 444 is there to let you know that there’s still hope. 

You can reconnect in the future, you just need to focus on what unites you. 

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Don’t think about what divides you, but rather about what brings you together. 

This gives you the potential to reforge your connection and be even stronger this time around. 

As Daria Burnett says:

“The meaning of 444 in love can be interpreted as a sign that partners need to find their way back to each other. 

“This is the time that a soulmate should stop feeling guilty, and instead focus on what they and their soulmate have in common, rather than what divides them.”

  • Fix yourself first

If you’re seeing 444 quite often and you’re apart from your soulmate, it can often mean that you need to fix yourself first. 

Soulmates come when we’re ready for them, and that often means that we have to become whole first in ourselves before our “other half” arrives. 

This number 444 is all about grounding and inner fullness, so it’s an encouraging sign for you to continue working on yourself. 

Follow your passions, improve your health and become self-sufficient. Then your soulmate will come along, or come back to you.

What does angel number 444 mean spiritually? 

The number 444 has a lot of meaning spiritually, because it’s connected to all sorts of things such as the four elements, four directions and even the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, for example.

It’s very much a grounding number about getting in touch with yourself and practical steps to improve your life and stability. 

If you’re seeing this number a lot it can often point to a spiritual awakening that’s taking place. 

As Emily Madriga writes:

“Seeing the number 444 may be a confirmation that you’ve recently entered a new path of spiritual awakening. 

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“Have you started a new spiritual practice lately? The meaning of 444 is that this is a great fit for you and will benefit you greatly.”

What does seeing angel number 444 in dreams mean?

When you see 444 in dreams it can be a very meaningful sign. 

In some cases it can actually be a loved one or friend who passed on sending you a message of encouragement or solidarity. 

They are letting you know that everyone in Heaven is cheering you on and has your back.

As Fair Reporters writes:

“The dream signs of sequence number 444 suggest that somebody is trying to connect with you from Heaven. 

“Seeing repeated patterns is not a coincidence; it is a form of synchronicity and actually a way for the Universe to tell you that you are in harmony with yourself and the universe. 

“It is a divine message that you are on the right path and better things will come to you.”

Seeing angel number 444 when thinking about someone 

If you see angel number 444 when thinking about someone, it’s a sign from the universe that you should meet them or help them in some way.

In many cases it can be a sign that someone you know or care about is going through a hardship.

They may need a hand or even just a shoulder to cry on. 

What 444 is telling you here, is that you can be that solid rock. 

Seeing angel number 444 after a breakup 

If you’ve recently had a breakup and started seeing 444, have courage. 

This number means that despite the hard times you’re going through, life is going to build you back up into a stronger and more compassionate person. 

Despite the heartache you’re experiencing, 444 is there to let you know that there’s rock-solid hope ahead and that you will eventually find new love.

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As Julie Ann Dawson writes:

“As the saying would go, have you been feeling like you’re going up $h!ts creek without a paddle? 

“Don’t you dare think of giving up now!

 “Angel number 444 comes to you as a sign that your prayers have been heard and the Universe encourages you to stay focused to finish the job.  You’re so close to achieving your dreams!”

Doreen Virtue on angel number 444

According to spiritual healer Doreen Virtue, the number 444 is very sacred and beneficial. In fact, according to her, if you see it repeatedly:

“This angel number means that angels are around you and offering you their help and love. You don’t need to worry, their guidance is always nearby.”

Other angel numbers related to 444

Angel number 444 might not be the only thing you’re seeing. There’s a chance that these related digits are appearing as well:

  • Angel number 1234 is inspiring you to continue journeying with your spouse or partner as you’ll experience perfect love and genuine happiness with this person
  • With angel number 1144, know that the odds are in your favor and you can shape the true desires of your heart
  • Take the leap of faith as angel number 777 telling you that major positive change is about to happen in your life
  • Angel number 333 is telling you that you’re moving closer to the love and relationship you desire
  • Trust yourself more as angel number 666 encourages you to have faith in your abilities, and love yourself unconditionally

You keep seeing angel number 444, what does it mean for your love life? 

If you’re seeing angel number 444 it basically means to pay attention to what your relationship is built on and its stability. 

If you’re single it means to always place importance and primacy on your relationship to yourself. 

These numbers matter a lot, but never forget that you have to love yourself first. 

As Matt Beech notes:

“If you’re single it’s a reminder to be mindful of the seeds you’re planting for your future relationships. Everything in your reality is a mirror of your internal world, including your relationships. 

“So if you want to find lasting love externally, first find stability, order and values internally. You need to learn to love yourself before you can truly love another.”

444! What is it good for?

After reading this list, you ought to know:

444 is good for a lot!

This is a powerful number for your love life. 

If you’re seeing 444 around town then you can rest assured that the universe and the angels have amazing things in store for you in your romantic life. 

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