What does angel number 123 mean for love? Brutal truth revealed

Let me guess. You keep on seeing angel number 123, and you’re wondering why it’s the case.

The good news is you need to look no further, for I have all the answers about what 123 means for love and relationships.

Fair warning: 123 is an important angel number and it has a deep meaning when it comes to love.

Let’s find out exactly what it means for you.

What does angel number 123 mean in love? 

Angel number 123 is very positive, especially when it comes to romance, twin flames, and soulmates. 

As an upward-moving number, it’s a sign that things are bound to move to the next level. 

For single people, 123 is a sign that you’re about to be in a relationship soon. The number 2 in 123 symbolizes union, after all. 

5 reasons you keep seeing angel number 123

There are many reasons why 123 keeps on manifesting wherever you go. Let’s explore each one of them:

1) New beginnings are on the horizon

If you’re single, then number 123 should be an exciting one for you.

It represents new beginnings – aka new relationships.

You’re bound to find ‘the one’ soon, but you need to keep your eyes peeled for their arrival. 

As always, don’t force the issue. Such is the case with twin flames, you don’t want them to run because they’re overwhelmed

Remember: when you find the one, you’ll know it deep within your heart. 

2) Get rid of the negativities in your life

The new beginnings that come with 123 can only be possible if you get rid of the negativities in your life. 

That means staying away from negative people, harmful environments, and most importantly, pessimistic self-talk. 

For one, you need to deal with negative individuals. Granted that it’s hard to stay away from them, you can counteract their energy by surrounding yourself with a positive aura (and humor too!)

Are bad environments getting you down? Then it’s time for you to turn everything upside down. Remember: you have the power to change or walk away from these environments – as you deem fit. 

More importantly, it’s time for you to work on yourself. 

The best way to get rid of pessimistic self-talk is to practice meditation or mindfulness. Spending time with nature will help clear your thoughts as well. 

3) It’s time to move forward

Whether you’re in a twin flame or soulmate relationship, 123 is a sign for you both to move things forward. 

It may be as simple as moving in – or getting a pet together. 

Likewise, it could be a sign to step things up (i.e., get married.) 

As psychologist Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D. puts it:

“Wanting to build a relationship, a life, and a family is a huge undertaking, but by doing it as a team, you get to not only build your castle but do it together, which will only strengthen your bond.”

Whatever the next level of your relationship is, 123 is the universe’s way of giving its full blessing. 

4) It’s time to pursue your dreams

If you’re feeling lost right now, don’t worry. The number 123 is your angel’s way of saying that you’ll realize your mission soon.

For the longest time, you may doubt what you need to do. 

On the other hand, you may have been suppressing your ambitions for whatever reason you have.

If you keep seeing 123, it’s a signal for you to pursue your passion. 

As the report goes:

“If enthusiasm and passion are present, people tend to be more resilient when encountering obstacles.”

Whether it’s moving to a new locale, working a new job, or courting your crush, now’s the perfect time to work on your dreams. 

5) Always give your 100%

It goes without saying that you need to give your 100%, especially when it comes to your relationships.

“A good relationship is about giving your all and giving it freely, without the expectation of getting the same amount back,” explains author Jillian Kramer.

Giving your 100% shouldn’t be limited to your relationships, though. It’s also applicable to other aspects of your life. 

Such is especially the case when it comes to dealing with other people. If they need your help, then be sure to give your 100% as well. 

Simply put, the number 123 is your angel’s way of reminding you to use your full potential. It’s time for you to let the creativity flow without any doubt whatsoever. 

Angel number 123 for twin flames 

Angel number 123 is good news for twin flames, as you’ll see below: 

1) You’ll meet your twin flame soon

Not all people are lucky enough to meet their twin flame in their lifetime. But if you’re seeing 123 wherever you go, it’s a sign from the universe that you will!

The challenge here is recognizing the fact that they’re your twin flame. As such, you need to be on the lookout for these signs

  • An uncanny recognition.
  • A feeling like you’ve known them forever (news flash: you do!)
  • An inability (or refusal) to stay away from them
  • A willingness to change your old ways – and be ‘truer’ to them
  • A feeling like everything feels right in the world
  • A sense of ‘balance’ in the world
  • A spectrum of extreme emotions
  • Confirmation from your psychic

2) A reunion is near

If you’ve parted ways with your twin flame, 123 is a sign that you’ll be reuniting with them

In fact, you may be experiencing these reunion ‘symptoms’ right now:

  • You feel as if something is missing. 
  • You feel their energy nearby.
  • You’re relaxed – and excited – all at the same time. 
  • You keep on dreaming about them
  • You’re drawn to a particular place. 
  • Your psychic has told you so!

3) It’s time for an upgrade

As mentioned, angel number 123 is an upward-moving number. So if you’re in a twin flame relationship, this is good news to you. 

It’s proof that your twin flame loves you – and they’re ready to scale the next level with you. 

Of course, you may be wondering if you are ready for this. 

Here’s how to ‘know’ it, according to psychologist Dr. Wyatt Fisher:

“When you start feeling safe with the person — like you fully can be yourself, and they still love and accept you — it’s usually a sign you’re ready for the next step in the relationship.” 

Whether you’re considering becoming exclusive, moving in together, getting married, or having children, 123 is a sign that the time to do so is now!

4) It may be time to break up

You might not know it, but you may be in a false twin flame relationship. It may feel good at first, but as time progresses, you’ll notice that your so-called mirror soul is not who they say they are. 

All in all, things don’t feel right.

Worse, you may find them to be more:

  • Self-centered
  • Toxic 
  • Resistant to talking about the future
  • Incompatible with your zodiac sign

If you’re seeing 123, it’s a message from your angels telling you to let go. Sure, it’s going to be painful, but freeing yourself from your false twin flame is the only way to find your true mirror soul. 

As psychologist Tchiki Davis, Ph.D. puts it:

“Holding onto things and people that we can no longer have isn’t good for us. It keeps us stuck in memories of our past and prevents us from noticing and appreciating what we have now.”

Angel number 123 for soulmates 

Whether you’re looking for a soulmate – or already in a relationship with one – 123 is an angel number you’d like to see, mainly because of these three reasons:

1) You’ll find your soulmate soon

As with twin flames, 123 is an excellent sign for single people. It’s preparing you for something you’ve wanted all your life: meeting your soulmate. 

Sometimes, we end up blinded by the search that we fail to recognize that our soulmate is right in front of our eyes.

As such, you need to be attentive to these spiritual signs that you’ve already found your soulmate:

  • The timing feels perfect.
  • You’re inexplicably drawn to them.
  • You can’t stop thinking about them. 
  • You can read their mind (and them, yours.)
  • Your life feels enriched. 
  • You can be yourself with them.
  • There are good vibes all over! 
  • Your psychic confirms it. 
  • You know. You just know.

2) It’s time for the next chapter

As with any other relationship, there comes a time when you need to take your connection to the next level

For some couples, 123 may be a sign that it’s time to get married. 

Apart from seeing this number, you may want to look for these signs that he’s ready to tie the knot:

  • He’s open to talking about the future (including that of marriage.)
  • He’s not worried about showing his emotions. 
  • He never lets you down. 
  • He’s always there when you need him (even if you don’t.)
  • He includes you in all his decisions. 
  • He’s willing to make sacrifices. 
  • He’s very protective of you (it’s what experts call the ‘hero instinct.’) 
  • You’re part of his family. 

3) If the relationship doesn’t suit you, better let it go

While the number 123 is generally good for soulmates, it’s a reminder for others to break it off. This is especially true if the relationship doesn’t suit you both anymore. 

Breaking up is hard to do, but these other signs are telling you that you should:

  • You keep on parting ways – and reconciling.
  • You fight a lot. 
  • You’re only the one making sacrifices.
  • You’ve grown apart from each other. 
  • Your values aren’t aligned. 
  • You no longer care.
  • You don’t put in any effort anymore. 
  • They’re abusing you. 
  • You feel the need to part ways with them. 

Remember: breaking up is not always the end. 

It may be the time that you both need to improve yourselves.

Who knows? They may come back to you once the timing is right.

Other angel numbers related to 123

If you keep on seeing 123, then you may be seeing these profound angel numbers as well: 

1) Angel number 1122

Despite the absence of 3, angel number 1122 holds messages similar to 123. 

If you’re single, 1122 signifies that you’ll meet someone soon. 

While it may not be smooth at first, things will get better – as long as you both work hard for the relationship. 

1122 also has a positive message for soulmates – it’s a sign for both to level up! 

If you’re thinking of getting married or having children, 1122 is a thumbs up from your guardian angel. 

Likewise, 1122 is an excellent number for separated twin flames. It’s the universe’s way of preparing you for a looming reunion! 

2) Angel number 1221

Like 123, angel number 1221 offers a lot of good vibes – especially when it comes to love and romance.

For one, it’s a sign that you’re about to meet your true love soon. 

That said, you’ll need to make a move, though. Love won’t just be handed to you on a silver platter.

According to relationship expert Pepper Schwartz: “Put the effort in to find someone, but don’t act like any breathing body will do.”

Likewise, it’s telling you to make the necessary changes in your life. As mentioned, you need to get rid of the negativities to move forward in your life. 

3) Angel number 1234

Just like 123, angel number 1234 is all about new beginnings. 

It’s a sign that you’re on the right path and that you should keep on trucking!

1234 is also a reminder for you to tidy up your love life. 

For one, you may be in a relationship that’s holding you back. Essentially, 1234 is your angel’s way of telling you to get out – for it’s the only way you can move forward. 

Remember: happiness doesn’t come from another person. The feeling of fulfillment should always start within yourself.

You keep seeing angel number 123, what does it mean for your love life? 

Angel number 123 is a sign for you to start (or keep on moving.)

New beginnings are up ahead. If you want to move forward, you need to get rid of the negativities in your life.

Likewise, it’s encouraging you to pursue your dreams, no matter what other people say.

More importantly, you need to give your 100% – whether it’s your relationships, career, or otherwise. 

In a nutshell, the number 123 is a show of support from your angel. It’s a reminder that only you have the power to make these divine messages come true. 

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