Angel Number 1144: What it Means for Love and Relationships

Love is a magical feeling.

So, it requires a magical set of numbers to announce it or reinforce its strength, don’t you think?

If you don’t know what to think anymore, I can tell you what the angels think. 

You have the potential to experience the kind of love that lasts forever. 

In fact, angel number 1144 supports even the most unlikely unions. 

Do you want to know more? I’ve got you covered!

What does angel number 1144 mean in love? 

Gather up your courage because it’s time to confess your love. The angels approve of the union between you and your crush. They are sending you a clear sign that now is the right time to act.

If you’re single and discouraged because you haven’t met anyone interesting lately, seeing 1144 means that you should have patience. You could meet your soulmate soon, so waiting will pay off.

For couples, the message carried by this angel number has multiple meanings. To tell you straight, you have 3 options. You can take your relationship to another level, reinvent it, or end it. 

There’s hope for reconciliations as well. When the number 1144 appears in your life, it’s a sign you can get back together with an ex, if that’s what you want.

6 love related reasons you keep seeing angel number 1144

1) You should set clear goals for your love life

Angel number 1144 is a complex number to decipher. Its influence spreads widely in your love life, but the trick is that you have to direct it properly.

1144 is saying that you should take charge of your love life by reconsidering some of your fundamental principles. Some of the rules you are following might turn out to be outdated.

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Certain things are holding you back from being truly happy in your relationships. Maybe you are blinded by your fears, anxiety, and self-doubt.

The angels want you to stop focusing on the negative and start thinking about your love life in an idealistic way. 

Imagine the love story of your dreams because the universe is set to help you turn it into reality. What it requires of you is to shape the true desires of your heart.

The numbers say you can do it and for good reason. You are inspired, self-reliant, and you benefit from a solid base and a dependable structure. The odds are in your favor.

2) You must try to be daring

Unfortunately, we can’t launch a desire into the universe and expect it to materialize without us doing anything. 

However, when you see angel number 1144, you must know that you can count on divine support. You just have to start taking action.

For example, if the union between you and your crush is encouraged, then it will become a reality as soon as you do something about it. 

Don’t know where to start? There are at least 20 ways you can tell a person you like them. Pick one and go ahead!

You can’t expect the other person to do something because they are not the ones who receive this message.

Number 1 talks about independence, self-reliance, drive, and ambition. It’s also about striving forward and making progress in relationships.

Unseen energies have your back. In fact, the energy of both numbers is doubled. This means your success is guaranteed.

3) You have to confess your love

Do you have a crush on someone you often see when you go shopping?

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Do you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see your friend’s friend?

Do you keep trying to seduce someone but you don’t succeed?

Whether you already know your crush or not, seeing angel number 1144 means that you must do something about your feelings.

Two of the keywords representative of number 144 are practicality and application. So, there’s no way around this.

Your fear of rejection could be stopping you from talking to your crush and confessing your feelings. The angels warn you that it’s all in your head and they encourage you to follow your heart.

Use your tenacity, uniqueness, and individuality to seduce the person you’re interested in. To build a solid foundation for your future relationship, efforts are required of you. 

In case your crush rejected you before, there is still hope. You don’t have to give up on them. What you can do, is find a new approach to spark their interest. 

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4) Your relationship needs an update

In their attempt to explain the complete meaning of angel number 1144 regarding love, numerologists analyze these numbers together and separately.

Angel number 114 refers to family life, children, and building a home. In other words, the universe announces the possibility of getting married, having children, or adopting children.

You can take your relationship to the next level, thus listening to the universe’s advice on change and new beginnings. 

In addition, number 4 speaks of loyalty, trust, traditional values, self-control. This is another indicator that your relationship is bound to succeed.

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Picture the perfect relationship in your mind and do your best to make it happen. The angels say it’s safe to let your guard down and embrace a new level of commitment.

5) You should think twice before giving up

The symbol of creation itself, number 1 is a hope giver. When it comes doubled, taking the form of master number 11, it promotes self-expression, intuition, creativity.

At the same time, power number 44 means that you are encouraged to continue on your current path and that your potential for success is greatly enhanced.

If we combine these 2 meanings, what we get is this: 

Even if your current relationship is shaky, you shouldn’t give up on it just like that.

These numbers’ influence suggests that you can revive and reinvent the connection between you and your partner as long as you make practical efforts based on your inner thoughts.

However, before you go through all that trouble, check out these 17 signs from the universe that he’s the one.

6) You must keep your promises to yourself

Think about the promises you have made to yourself, especially those related to love. 

Did you keep them? 

Are you trying to go on at least 3 dates?

Do you still accept bad behavior from your partner?

The promises you make to yourself must be kept. They are in your best interest and you need to make them happen.

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Try not to let fear stop you from keeping them. You don’t have to be anxious about your future. Things will turn out in your favor even if they don’t appear so at the beginning.

Channel your strength, courage, and positivity to make changes notable enough to improve the outcome of your actions.

Angel number 1144 for twin flames 

According to Hans Decoz, master number 11 “represents the most elevated expression of male and female energy”. When you see it, you can take it as a sign that your twin flame is near.

The presence of power number 44 means that the union between you and your mirror soul will be characterized by honesty, stability, and loyalty. 

The meaning of these angel numbers applies to both singles and couples. 

Is angel number 1144 a sign of twin flame union?

The numbers say that you could meet your twin flame sometime in the future. So, whenever you meet someone new, look out for signs they are your twin flame.

Although your union is favored by the universe, it’s not going to happen overnight.

First, you have to be ready to meet your mirror soul.

Second, you have to recognize them and embrace a truly transformative experience full of love.

Keep in mind that you are the one expected to take initiative. Even if your twin flame is near, they will not come to you.

You are on a path to spiritual awakening, so your intuition can help you identify your mirror soul. Don’t hesitate to use it!

Is angel number 1144 a sign of twin flame reunion?

Since the angels urge you to take charge of your life and warn you that your thoughts can come true, I think it’s safe to say that you will experience a twin flame reunion if you want it.

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One of the overall meanings of the number 1144 is that you shouldn’t take no for an answer. So, try to be consistent when it comes to attracting your mirror soul back into your life.

If you keep looking for signs your twin flame is near and you don’t get them, it could be because you have to deal with some issues first.

You can’t afford to let your mirror soul slip away again, so make sure you are striving for balance and progress.

Angel number 1144 for twin flame relationships

Number 1144 carries an important message for those of you who are already in a romantic relationship with your twin flame.

Your relationship appears to be too idealistic. In addition, the angels think you two need to get serious about your progress.

To achieve your goals, the universe suggests you both need to become pragmatic and dedicated. The best approach for you is a combination of intuition and methodical thinking. 

If you are the one seeing this number, it could mean the angels picked you to take initiative and make these changes in your relationship.

Angel number 1144 for soulmates 

Are you single and wish to meet your soulmate? Now you can!

The angels’ message applies to soulmates as well. Your union is possible, especially if it is something that you want.

The other half of your soul can enter your life as soon as you decide exactly what you want. 

Remember that you must set clear goals regarding the things that you want, including matters of the heart.

You can’t ask the universe for both your soulmate and your twin flame in your life. They are different souls that have different roles in your life.

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Are you in a relationship with your soulmate?

Angel number 1144 is a sign that your relationship with your soulmate stagnates. 

Although strong and based on love, your relationship needs more work. 

If things go great between the two of you, it doesn’t mean that changes aren’t necessary. Do your best to take your relationship to the next level.

Identify the areas in your relationship that you can improve and take action. You can openly and safely talk to your partner about it. 

Seeing angel number 1144 after a breakup 

Since the vibration of number 1144 gives you the power to shape your future as you wish, seeing it after a breakup could be a sign of reconciliation.

In other words, if you want to get back together with your ex, you can. There’s no trace of rejection when it comes to 1144. 

However, if you are to take any steps in that regard, you must be ready to work on reinventing your relationship. You are the one who must take initiative.

The same applies to an ex-husband or wife. Commitment, loyalty, and stability characterize part of this angel number

So, you can solve even the most complicated issues if you set your mind and soul to it.

Focus on creative solutions and try to be less conservative or think too traditionally. Sometimes, the old ways make the present difficult for us. 

If you still have trouble understanding how you feel, I can give you 10 reasons why you still feel connected to your ex.

What does angel number 1144 mean spiritually?

This number makes you ask yourself important questions, especially about love.

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By doing so, it helps you get to know yourself better.

In turn, this means that you are one step closer to your spiritual awakening.

Your spiritual development is supported by the universe. That’s why it gives you the opportunity to unite or reunite with your soulmate or twin flame. 

Together with them, your progress is ensured. Hard work, determination, and pragmatism are required, though. 

You must find a balance between the material world and the spiritual world. Take the best out of both and include them in your personal world. 

Doreen Virtue on angel number 1144

Doreen Virtue, a clairvoyant with special qualities, author of tens of books, explains the influence of angel number 1144 in our lives. 

In her book, Angel Numbers 101: The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences, the overall meaning of this number is described as being positive.

Virtue’s advice for you is to pay attention to your thoughts. She urges you to think about the things you want, thus avoiding negative thinking.

This number’s influence is both a blessing and a curse. This is because you can make bad thoughts come true as well, not just good ones.

So, focus on the good inside of yourself and others. This is the only way you can get out of this situation unharmed. Leave your fears in the hands of the angels.

The angels offer you their help and love as long as you think constructively and let your optimism reach its highest limits. 

Failing is also an option. However, the author strongly advises you to ask for angels’ help when you feel like giving up.

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Other angel numbers related to 1144

1111 is an angel number that predicts twin flame union, just as 1144. Their vibrations are similar due to characteristics such as starting fresh, finding new approaches based on practicality and loyalty.

Angel number 444 is known to speak of stability and love, with a focus on building and improving your current relationships. This number also suggests you and your twin flame are both guided to meet.

According to Imelda Green, a spiritual advisor, angel number 1155 comes with great news regarding romantic relationships, too. It predicts changes meant to improve or solve love-related situations. 

Positive thinking and using bold approaches are in the foreground of all these angel numbers.

You keep seeing angel number 1144, what does it mean for your love life? 

You should set clear goals for your love life and do your best to put them into practice.

Don’t get discouraged if your plans don’t come out on the first try. The main idea here is to persevere.

In addition, it seems that you have the ability to materialize your desires. It wouldn’t hurt to actually try to do this, even if you don’t really think it will work.

Meeting your soul mate or twin flame are opportunities you rarely have in life. Make sure you are prepared to have a relationship of such magnitude.

Don’t let love take you by surprise because you have the chance to ensure its success before it happens or while it happens.

Maybe this is not how things are supposed to work. But, remember that some of the old, traditional ways are no longer effective. Embrace change!

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