Am i overthinking or is she losing interest? 27 ways to tell

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One of the most heartbreaking things in a relationship is to feel like you have lost your partner’s interest.

They may seem happy, but they never call, they only answer a few of your messages, and you can tell that they are not interested.

When this happens to me I immediately become insecure, assuming the worst possible outcome for my relationship and ultimately for myself.

Am I overthinking?

If you are suddenly having this kind of conversation with yourself, below are the signs you need to know what to look out for.

Let’s jump right in.

1) They don’t message you first anymore

At the beginning of your relationship, things might have felt like they were always moving fast because you couldn’t get enough of each other.

Here’s the truth.

Now that you’ve settled a little bit, it’s not uncommon for the person who used to be all over you to not even bother anymore.

If they are no longer actively trying to get in contact with you or they never seem like they are interested in talking to you, then this could be a sign that the relationship is going downhill.

2) They have started searching for new things

If your partner has been searching for new hobbies and interests and doing them on their own then this might be a sign that they are no longer interested in your relationship.

What can you do?

It is important to make sure that this is something you can both share, though, and not just something they’re doing without you.

3) They start introducing you as their “friend”

Nothing is worse than a lover who introduces you as their friend and refers to you in the third person rather than saying “we”.

The truth is:

If your partner starts to refer to you as their friend when you’re both in the same room it is a sign that they no longer want to be with you.

4) They hide other people from you

One of the best signs that someone cares about you is allowing their friends and family members into your lives and making sure that they can see how happy you are together.

However, if you are not allowed to see any of the ones they care about, then it’s likely because they lose interest in you.

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5) They are evasive when it comes to spending time with you

If you want to spend some time with your partner and they seem like they are avoiding it at all costs then this is usually a sign that something’s not right.

Let me explain more.

Whether it is for a day, a week, or even longer, if your partner seems like they are making excuses to keep you out of their life then this is usually a sign that they are losing interest.

You will need to figure out what the problem is and decide whether or not you can fix it before it starts causing more issues in the relationship.

6) They come up with excuses to avoid intimacy

Just like making excuses to avoid hanging out with you, this is going to be a very clear sign that they are slowly pulling away from you.

You will need to talk about what is going on and if it’s something you can both work on together to make things better because simply avoiding the issue isn’t going to solve anything.

7) They start letting you down

Whether it is canceling plans on you at the last second or completely missing dates, if your partner is letting you down then this is going to be a very clear sign that things are no longer the way they used to be.

In my experience:

You can work on improving their behavior, but this might not actually come from them and could just be how they feel about your relationship.

8) They are always looking at other people

If you have been with your partner for a while and they are suddenly staring off into the distance or always checking out other people, this can be a sign that they are no longer interested in your relationship.

Think about it.

This is something that you aren’t likely to be able to fix on your own and you will want to sit down and talk about it so you can make sure the two of you are on the same page.

9) They are always complaining

If your partner is always complaining about everything and seems to have no interest in what’s going on around both of you, then this can be a sign that they have lost interest in your life.

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10) They are not happy for you

If you have been dating someone for a while and they are no longer happy to see your success or to see your life improve, this can be a sign that things are no longer going to work out and they are losing interest.

If this person is always putting themselves before the relationship, it’s time to move on.

11) You are constantly having to say that the old spark isn’t there

Spark is the feeling of excitement that one always feels when they first get together.

If you have been having a good relationship with someone, you should feel as though you can always be happy together.

However, if your partner isn’t laughing with you as much anymore and spends more time looking at other people than engaging in conversation with you then it’s probably best to start considering whether there’s still some of that old spark and need to spend more time together.

12) They are complaining about you being too clingy

As a general rule, the people who complain about being clingy usually aren’t.

Fact is:

This is a sign that your partner is getting annoyed that you are constantly trying to keep them close to you, which can be an indication that their feelings for you are starting to wane.

Instead of trying to keep them around and hoping they don’t leave, it might be best to give it up and let them go.

13) They disagree on things more often

Couples don’t always have to agree with each other.

However, if you are no longer able to have nice conversations and let go the minor disagreements then this is probably a sign that your partner has changed the way they think about you.

14) You are no longer invited to spend time with their friends or family

At first, it might be easy to assume that your partner is being careful about bringing you around their friends, but after a while, it can start to feel like they don’t even want you around.

If this is the fact, it is an obvious sign that she is not taking the relationship seriously or she starts losing interest.

15) They don’t seem enthusiastic about the future

The only way to survive in a relationship is to look toward the future and try to imagine what it would be like if you were both together forever.

Then again,

If your partner seems reluctant about even imagining that kind of future with you then it’s time to be worried.

16) You are no longer their priority

If you are no longer first on their list of things to do when they get together then it is probably best to start worrying about whether or not there is anything that worries about the relationship.

17) They have changed the way they look at you

When you first got together, your partner probably looked at you lovingly and affectionately.

But wait, that’s more…

However, if they suddenly look at you with disgust or are looking at other people as if they would rather be with them then this is a sign that something has changed within them.

Suddenly feeling uncomfortable around your partner can be a pretty strong indication that they have lost interest in being together with you and it’s time to worry.

18) They have started to drift off when you are talking

It is hard to know if your partner is interested in what you have to say if they are not even paying attention to you.

Being with someone is about being there for one another and if they are not listening then it might be best to consider whether they want to be with you anymore.

19) They started to start flirting with other people

When you are friends with someone, it should feel comfortable for both of you to share touching, holding, and kissing gestures.

This is just part of what makes a good relationship.

But, what if … your partner is starting to share these actions with other people?

Then you might want to let them go because they are interested in being close to someone else other than you.

20) They have started to be rude to you

Having someone who insults you and puts you down is one of the worst relationship types in the world.

If your partner is intentionally starting fights with you, criticizing you for something, or making jokes about how bad you are then it’s time to consider she is losing interest.

21) They aren’t being supportive anymore

If your lover is pulling away from you and not being as eager as they once were to help you out then there is no way that they could ever be a good girlfriend for you.

When someone is really into another person, they will make sure that they are there supporting them no matter what happens.

22) They are no longer welcoming your opinion or input

It is important to talk about what is going on in your partner’s life without trying to make them feel like they couldn’t possibly have any sort of input.

If your relationship is heading towards something that isn’t positive, then you should be able to discuss it with them and explain why you think it’s a good or bad idea.

What’s more.

If they are no longer doing this, then there is a chance that their attentiveness is lost.

23) They have stopped paying attention to you

Although it might not be obvious to everyone, when someone is in a relationship with someone, they are going to make sure that they are paying attention and making an effort to make things better for their partner.

If your partner has stopped doing this towards you, then there is a chance that they aren’t into being in the relationship at all anymore.

24) They are no longer making you feel good around them

When people are in a relationship they are going to make sure that they can make the other person feel good and that they can relax and be themselves around them.

If your partner is no longer able to do this, then there’s a chance that they aren’t as interested in the relationship anymore.

25) They are saying they don’t want to be in a serious relationship

If your partner has suddenly started to claim that they don’t want a serious relationship, you should be very worried because this will just lead the direction that things are headed.

After all, if they have suddenly changed their mind on what they want, it could just mean that they want to leave before things get too serious between you.

26) They start to avoid their responsibilities

One of the best things about having a significant other is helping each other with more and more things that need to be done in a relationship.

However, if you notice that your partner isn’t making any effort to help you out anymore, then it’s probably because they’re not interested in being with you.

27) Confirm they are your soulmate

To figure out if is she losing interest or is overthinking, maybe you also want to know if is she your soulmate.

The truth is:

We can waste a lot of time and emotions with people who ultimately we’re not compatible with. Finding your soulmate is no easy task.

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Final words

What you should remember from this is that it’s never healthy to be with someone who doesn’t care about you anymore.

If things start heading in a bad direction, then you have to step back and start thinking about how you can get out of the relationship healthily.

On the other hand.

If you want to have a great relationship, then it’s important to understand what a good girlfriend is and how they act.

If you feel like your partner is no longer showing the same amount of excitement that they did in the beginning, then it might be time to consider letting them go and finding someone else who will be better for you.



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