20 things it means when a girl winks at you (complete list)

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Did a girl recently wink at you, and now you’re wondering why she did it?

Is she being friendly, flirty, naughty, or attracted to you?

Winks can be fun, flirty, teasing, and sometimes unsettling – depending on the context and the people involved. This gesture can mean a lot without speaking anything at all.

But what does it mean when a girl winks at you?

Let’s look at the possible motives and reasons why she winked at you. 

Why does she wink at you?

Winking is one of the sexiest gestures yet a mind-boggling act in the human world.

There are several reasons behind this and various ways to know what she could probably mean,

It’s time that we decode what the eyes are secretly trying to tell. This way, you can act accordingly as to how you feel.

1) She’s checking you out

When a girl finds you attractive and impressed by your looks, she will wink at you more suggestively.

Since you could be meeting for the first time, she probably finds you appealing – and that’s why she’s winking or giving you a sidelong glance.

It means that she appreciates how you look, what you’re doing at the moment, or how you carry yourself.

This doesn’t have much emotional value unless you start a conversation that leads to a meaningful friendship.

2) She’s interested in you

When a girl winks at you with a smile that lingers, there’s a good chance that she’s interested or attracted to you.

She likes you, and she’s not afraid to show that she’s interested in knowing you. And this is harmless flattery.

If someone appreciates you, they’re making it easy for you to approach them. So instead of ignoring this, why not spark a conversation

It’s also likely that she’s showing other signs of attraction through her body language. Pay attention to these things:

  • Having prolonged eye contact with you
  • Her feet point in your direction
  • She’s playing with her hair
  • She’s positioning herself to be closer to you
  • Staring then looking away when you notice it
  • Mirroring your body language or tone
  • Gazing into your eyes
  • Adjusting her clothes or her hair when she notices you
  • Touching you in a subtle way

3) She’s breaking the ice

Probably, she wants you to notice her.

So if she winked at you after you noticed her, it’s likely that she wants you to approach her. This is likely to happen in a social setting such as at a party, bar, or nightclub.

It’s her way of lessening the tension in the air for whatever reason.

Or when you’re meeting her for your first date, she may wink to take away any awkwardness so that your conversations will flow freely.

4) She’s flirting with you

We often presume that when someone winks at us, they are interested and flirting with us. Winking is a vital tool in a flirter’s arsenal – as it’s easy to do yet very effective.

While it’s true in most cases, it also depends on how it’s done.

If she’s making suggestive gestures and lavishing you with compliments, she’s winking at you in a more flirty way than in a friendly way.

So if she smiles, looks at you seductively, or licks her lips, then it’s likely that she’s flirting with you.

5) She’s being friendly

Winking could be a way for connecting with someone.

One reason that she winked at you could be simply that it’s her form of greeting you.

She could be saying hi, hello, bye, or take care.

If you’re close to this girl who winks at you, it can be a sign of warmth. Even if your bond may be platonic, it can still come as affectionate.

If you know her and she winked at you, but she’s too busy to say hello, she’ll likely wink to let you know that she saw you.

If you don’t know her and ask for her help, she could also wink because she’s being friendly. Her gesture is probably a way of telling you, “no problem” or “don’t mention it.”

6) She’s teasing you

Other people tend to wink when they joke – and they want someone to know it.

She might wink at you as a way of saying “I’m not serious,” or “I’m just joking.”

If she’s teasing and winking at you, know that she means well – so don’t take any offense to what she’s saying.

She wants you to know that she means it innocently, and you don’t have to take it personally.

Teasing takes place between people who are comfortable being around each other. But in some contexts, it’s also a hidden sign that she’s attracted to.

So if she’s winking as a form of teasing you, pay attention if it has a flirty undertone and her body language suggests it.

7) She feels sexy

And she wants you to know it.

When you’re dating or she’s already your girlfriend, she may want you to notice and admire her.

She’s confident and wants to flash her charm naturally. She may be communicating what’s going on in her mind through her eyes.

And she’s winking to solidify the connection you have.

Or she could be trying to prove that she’s hot, sexy, and desirable.

It’s a bit strange that somehow winking turns us on, right?

That’s because winks are charged with sexual energy as well as a sense of desire.

8) She’s giving you reassurance

She’s winking as a way to say, “I got you, “ or “I have you covered.”

Perhaps, you’re upset.  She may wink to cheer you up as to let you know that she’s there for you.

She may even wink at you when you’re in the crowded room to ask, “Are you okay?”

It’s her way of showing how much she cares for you.

Or probably, you told her a secret after you did something sneaky. In this case, she winked at you to let you know that your words are safe with her.

9) To know if you are okay

If you know the girl and she senses that you feel uncomfortable, she could wink at you as if she’s trying to ask, “Are you ok?”

Perhaps, she also feels that you’re a bit agitated and withdrawn.

Take this wink as part of her body language to reveal her feelings and create an impact on her message.

And that’s because aside from voice tone, gestures and facial expressions play a part in how we communicate.

10) She did something mischievous

She did something sneakily and her winking could be her way of saying, “I got away with it.”

If this is the case, she’ll likely wink at you after doing something that she knew you knew about.

Want to figure it out?  If she’s anxious, pay attention to her body language, such as:

  • She’s coughing and touching her mouth
  • She starts to talk with a different pitch
  • She’s tapping her fingers and feet
  • She keeps on fidgeting
  • She’s rubbing her arms, neck, face, or legs

11) She’s telling you to chill out

Her winking at you could signal that she thinks you need to relax a bit.

Probably, she wants you to calm down when she realizes that your conversation with someone is getting heated.

Or if you’re having a misunderstanding, it could be her way to calm the situation. So if she’s not being dismissive of what you’re saying, it’s likely that she’s putting on her winking charm.

12) To tell you not to worry

Probably, you’re worried that she’ll be traveling alone or some rude guy is bogging her.

She’ll respond with a wink when she knows you’re afraid or worried about her.

Her winking tells you you don’t need to worry because everything will go smoothly. And she’s trying to make you less nervous or upset.

This is her way of saying “it’s alright, I got this” or “I can handle it.”

She knows she can manage it, and she wants you to trust her with this.

13) She’s just being goofy

While most guys act goofy, some girls love to play around.

She has this sense of humor, and her winking is part of her silliness.

She might be giving you that wink during conversations as you’re so serious, and she wants to make you laugh.

Sometimes, when a girl shows you her quirky side, she’s being her confident self – and that’s also a sign that she likes you.

14) To let you know she’s lying

When people wink right after they say something, it could mean that they’re lying more often than not.

This becomes more obvious when you notice body language cues, such as rubbing their nose, arms, or ears.

If this girl is trying to let you in about something she did, her eyes are the first part of his body to reveal this.

So pay attention if she winks before or after saying something as it’s a sign that she’s being deceitful.

It could also be that she wants to pass a secret message your way, and she wants you to cover up for her.

15) She’s going along

Let’s say for instance that you’re having a conversation with this girl – and your opinions keep coinciding. Or you could be debating and you both want to win the argument.

Instead of keeping it any longer, she says, “you win,” and follows it up with a wink.

This implies that she may not agree with you – but her wink is a sign that she’s going to let it go anyway.

Take her wink as something that says, “whatever you say.”

When things almost go awry or slide towards something else, this wink helps control further damage.

16) To scare you out of your mind

You might want to be careful when a girl terrifyingly winks at you.

This one might give you creeps when a girl winks at you when you’re alone at the bus station or when you’re walking early in the morning.

Trust your gut when a creepy girl winks at you.

You don’t have to wait for what will happen next or see if she’s dangerous or not. Just ignore this wink, go the other way, and leave the scary winker behind.

17) She winks habitually

So before you conclude that she’s into you or she’s flirting with you, pay attention to how she acts around other people.

If she winks with every guy, then her winking at you holds no meaning. But if she doesn’t wink at anyone else but you, then you’re something special.

And if she has this health condition such as “Tourette syndrome” or “Marcus Gunn Jaw syndrome” make sure you won’t mistake her winking at you as if she’s interested.

18) She knows your game

You can’t fool her as she knows what you’re up to.

So when she winked at you, it’s a playful way of saying, “I know what’s going on” or “I know what you’re doing.”

She’ll probably do this when you’re lying, making up an excuse, or he sees you somewhere you shouldn’t be, it could mean she knows what you’re up to.

Perhaps this wink may be accompanied by “is that right?” as her way of letting you know that she knows the real score.

19) She’s sending a secret message

This wink is something so sexy as there’s an idea that you have a shared secret.

It could be that you’re having this conversation with a double meaning or sharing something that nobody else knows.

Take notice of the glint in her eye when she winks at you or in the tone of the words that accompany her wink.

Since you know her so well, it shouldn’t be hard for you to separate when she is just winking to make you smile and when he is trying to tell you her secret intentions.

But if you just met recently, take her wink as a sign that she’ll be seeing you around.

20) She’s suggesting a sexual come-on

Regardless of whether you just met or you’re already in a relationship with her, you will know from her body language if she wants to initiate sex.

She winks to express her desire discreetly.

Her winking will probably include other gestures that you must pay attention to.

Take notice of these signs that she’s sexually attracted to you:

  • She keeps touching her neck
  • She presses her body toward yours
  • She licks and glances at your lips
  • She suggests going somewhere private
  • She’s doing things to turn you on
  • She’s exposing her sexiest assets

Should you wink back or not?

Be aware that winking at the wrong person or in the wrong country can change the mood – in a blink or should I say, in the wink of an eye.

If her winking is making your head spin, don’t get lost or jump to conclusions right away.

Women aren’t putting hours of thought into their every wink. The thing is that this simple gesture signifies just about anything.

But if you care about her, then it’s worth putting some time into understanding her perspective.

Here’s what you can do if you like her and she winks at you:

  • Smile to show that you’re accepting the wink warmly
  • Play along to reciprocate her potentially flirty behavior
  • Nod back when she needs reassurance that you’re okay
  • Flirt back to make it clear that you like her
  • Laugh if she’s joking or winking in a silly way
  • Hold her gaze to show that you’re attracted to her

Keep this in mind: It’s a wonderful thing when you wink back at the right time, the right place, and the right circumstances.

And the next time she says something flirtatious and she winks at you, wink right back to see how she reacts.

Final thoughts – making her yours now

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