17 signs a woman is sexually attracted to you (really!)

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So there’s this woman who’s difficult to read.

She’s been giving you soft touches, and biting her lips between sentences. But her “signals” are so subtle it’s not clear to you if she’s sexually attracted or it’s just how she is.

Well, to help you better figure out if that’s the case or not, here are 17 signs that a woman is sexually attracted to you.

1) She can’t take her eyes off of you

Whatever you’re doing, or no matter how well or badly groomed you are, she just can’t resist staring at you.

She may look away to be polite when you stare back, but her eyes will eventually wander back to you.

People just naturally turn their gaze towards whatever it is they’re thinking of at the moment. Her looking at you so often is a sign that she just can’t get you out of her head.

And subconscious urges aside, how can she resist checking you out?

2) She keeps stealing touches

She might bump her hand against yours when you pass by each other, or she might playfully tap you on the shoulder.

She tries to pass it off like it was just an accident, or that she was just being friendly.

But you can tell that there’s more to it than it seems at first. She’s touching you more often than she should if she wasn’t doing it on purpose.

Well, she can’t be sure what exactly you think of her quite yet and she can’t afford to be bold enough to touch you openly.

So for now she’s just stealing what physical contact she could get away with… and hope you will get the hint!

3) She bites her lips when you’re around

Lip biting is something we often associate with sexuality—and for a good reason!

It’s one of our instinctual responses to arousal, just as fidgeting is a sign of nervousness and furrowing one’s brows is a sign of frustration.

So when she bites her lips when she looks at you, take note. That means she’s interested in you—and not just as a friend.

There’s something about you that makes her want to drag you to bed, whether it be your personality, voice, body, or all three and more.

It would be misleading to say this, of course, and not address that it can also be a sign of discomfort. But it’s easy enough to tell if she’s biting her lips because she feels uneasy, or if it’s because she likes you.

If she’s simply uneasy, she wouldn’t be staring at anyone in particular. Her eyes would wander. If she likes you, she’ll be staring straight at you as if to say “I can’t wait to bite you this way.”

4) She can’t sit still when she’s with you

She’s so full of restless nervous energy that you can’t help but notice.

Now, restlessness by itself might not mean much. It could be that she has problems in life that have been making her anxious, for example.

What does make it a sign is when she’s consistently restless around you.

You want to pay especially close attention if you see her playing with her hair, or crossing and then uncrossing her legs.

Both of these are sexually charged body language, and are a dead giveaway that she’s sexually attracted to you.

5) She finds a way to be alone with you

She might ask you to walk her home, or maybe she’ll ask you to “fix” her computer.

These things might not —and should not— mean anything most of the time.

But she does it so often that it’s clear that she’s just trying to find a way to be alone with you. She likes how you make her feel, so she hangs out with you.

Being alone with you has another benefit. It gives her the opportunity to get you in the mood and invite you to have some intimate moment at her place… or just admit her interest in you.

6) She sends flirty messages

She likes you. She wants to have fun with you. But to do that, there needs to be a sensual dimension to your relationship.

Imagine someone you know and respect as a friend suddenly asking to have sex with you or getting raunchy in your texts out of nowhere. You never expected that from them, and neither did you really see them that way.

So you’d be taken aback and probably ask them to cut it off.

She wants to avoid that, so she’ll try to reach out to you by flirting first. It’s a safe way to gauge attraction, and a good foreplay for the main event.

It would be subtle at first, but as time goes on and she gets more comfortable with your reactions, she’ll get bolder and bolder.

At some point, her flirting would be so blatant that you’d just know that she’s into you.

7) She invites you over

You had fun hanging out together, and it’s getting late. But instead of parting ways, she offers to have you come with her instead.

In a way, this is even more intimate than you inviting her over to your house. Both of these are basically invitations to fool around, but her inviting you into her home means that she’s willing to let you through her shields.

I had talked before about how women like to maintain boundaries to stay safe. This is another of those times when she’s willing to abandon her boundaries and let you into an intimate part of her life.

It takes a lot to convince a woman to see you in this way.

8) You can feel that she’s tense around you

She’s tense every time you see her.

In fact you could swear that that furrow upon her brow must be permanent, and that she’s just someone who’s naturally terse or stressed from work.

But no! Because when you catch a glimpse of her when she isn’t aware that you’re there, she’s clearly much more relaxed. And when her friends talk about her, it’s almost like they’re talking about someone else entirely.

There are many reasons why someone would be tense around one specific person.

This sign can also easily mean that she just doesn’t like you, or that she’s uncomfortable when you’re near.

But if you see her being perpetually tense around you, while at the same time flirting with you or trying to touch you all the time, then the reason is much more benign. She’s attracted to you, and she wants to avoid being too obvious with her feelings.

9) She pays special attention to her looks

And no, I don’t just mean putting on makeup or wearing fancy dresses. Women generally like to feel pretty for their own sake, so that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

What is out of the ordinary is if she starts dressing up in a way that caters to your taste. She pays special attention to what you like seeing, and then tries to fit the bill.

Let’s say that you mentioned that you like it when a girl wears white tank tops. Guess what? She’s suddenly wearing white tops.

Or if you tell her you have a crush on a certain celebrity, she will try to emulate her

It takes a lot to convince a woman to sacrifice her own personal sense of fashion and wear something that will appease someone else. So when she does this, you can be sure that she’s attracted to you.

10) She reacts to your body language

It doesn’t matter whether your body language tells her that you’re attracted to her too, or if you’re simply showing off how comfortable you are around her. She’ll notice it and react accordingly.

If she notices that your shoulders tense up after something she had said, then she’ll drop the topic immediately and talk about something else.

And of course, when you get flirty, she will do the same.

If she notices that you’ve been mimicking her gestures, she smiles at you more and becomes more forward in conversation.

What this means is that she’s giving you all her attention. And just like what I had spoken of earlier regarding confidence, this is something that you can use to your advantage.

11) She talks to you about sex

Sometimes, the signs are so blatant that you might as well call them billboards. This is one of those.

Your relationship is close enough that you see no issues about talking about sexuality around one another. Or maybe you met in a chatroom for hookups and so never saw an issue about talking about sexual topics in the first place..

So because of this the two of you might be openly sexual with one another without you realizing that there’s more to it than you first thought.

You might get raunchy with one another and tease each other, thinking that she’s just playing around as usual.

She might want to tell you that she likes you, but is afraid that if she does, you might leave her.

So for now she’ll enjoy what intimacy she has with you—and if you catch on and return her feelings, then all the better.

12) She jokingly asks for sex advice

You’re close enough that you can be candid. Maybe she thinks that you have put her in the friendzone, so she feels bold enough to not just talk to you about sex, but also ask for advice.

She might be indirect and ask things like “so, what do I do to make a man feel good?” or “what kinds of things turn you guys on?”

You might be tempted to tell her something like “every man is different”, but she knows that. The thing that she wants is to know what you like, and what she can do to make you feel good.

Alternatively, she can be more direct—and teasing—if she so happens to be the bold sort and ask something like “so, what turns YOU on?”

13) She likes sitting next to you

She’s drawn to you like a moth before a flame.

She might be uneasy and nervous around you, but she also can’t help but want to be near you all the time.

So she tries to find ways to sit down next to you. Perhaps she’ll just casually stroll over to sit down beside you, or maybe she’ll come with her friends so that she can mask her true motives.

This is more significant than it seems at a glance. Women are always at risk of abuse and violence from men, so they maintain a barrier around them that will make them seem cold and unapproachable.

For her to actually be the one to make a move to get closer to you means a lot.

She trusts you enough to drop her barriers and likes you enough to approach you first.

14) Her eyes dilate when she’s looking at you

Feelings of sexual attraction and arousal don’t just affect the way we act.

It also affects our bodies. And one of the effects of sexual attraction is that it causes the pupils to dilate.

Someone who’s attracted to or aroused by you will have bigger, rounder eyes when they look at you.

The funny thing is that this body language is reciprocal—those same round eyes of hers also makes her more attractive to you.

Even if you don’t notice any conscious differences, your mind will pick up on this body language on a subconscious level and you’ll find yourself drawn to her.

15) She brushes her leg against yours

You’re together. Perhaps you’re eating at the local fast food diner. Your conversation was going well when you felt her leg brush lightly against yours.

Chances are that you know the meaning of this gesture. And in case you don’t, it’s an invitation to have sex together.

Sure, it could mean that she’s just needy and you happen to be the person with her at that time. But it’s most likely that she does like you and that she’s been waiting for this opportunity.

And even if she did this simply because you’re the only one around, it still means a lot more than what it seems at a glance.

It means she wants you, but at the same time it means she’s comfortable inviting you for a night of fun, and that she definitely feels sexual attraction towards you.

She wouldn’t do such a blatantly sexual gesture if you’re someone she just doesn’t have any sexual feelings for at all!

16) She stays up just to keep talking to you

It’s way past her bedtime. She has work to do tomorrow. But still she’s there, texting you without a care in the world.

Tell her that she should be going to bed already, and she shrugs it off.

And even when she says “good night”, she doesn’t leave either. She’s just there, chatting with you, getting clearly more and more drowsy with every text she sends until she eventually passes out.

Or if you’re the kind to prefer being on call, she would be there listening to you ramble until she falls asleep to the sound of your voice.

People don’t simply do this for no reason. That she does this with you tells a lot about just how much she likes your presence, or how she likes being around you, and how attracted she is to you.

Don’t be surprised if she’d invite you to go over to her place so you can talk face to face, even if it’s way past midnight.

17) She tells you she likes you

It might seem like this should be so obvious that nothing needs to be said about it, but too many people end up misunderstanding when women say this.

She might tell you that she likes you, and somehow you end up thinking “…as a friend, right?” despite it being obvious that it’s more than that.

That caution is understandable. Too many people swing the other way around and think “oh, she loves me,” when she says “I like you as a friend.”

When in doubt, try to understand the context of her words. If she says “I like you” because you impressed her with your cooking? She probably didn’t mean anything beyond that.

But if she said it out of nowhere, or said it while leaning against you, then she’s definitely attracted to you.

And yes, it’s likely that he’s sexually attracted to you if she likes you!

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