14 body language signs that he definitely wants to sleep with you

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Sex is far from the only reason people date, but it’s definitely a big one—especially for guys.

Even if he doesn’t spell it out, there’s a good chance that his mind is racing with thoughts and fantasies about getting you in bed.

So without further ado, here are 14 body language signs he definitely wants to sleep with you:

1) He always has his legs apart

Yes, really.

We know it sounds odd. However, this might be a subtle hint about his sexual desire for you because it means that he’s showing off his manhood.

Men want to look dominant and powerful, especially around the ladies. Sitting or standing with his legs apart does exactly this because it makes him appear confident and masculine.

If he’s particularly ballsy, another reason he might do it is that he’s hoping you’d check out what he has to offer between his legs.

Whether it’s that bulge between his legs, or his biceps, or his legs, or a combination of all of the above, men will want to posture to show off their manlier features.

If he uses these tactics and you find them a bit too tactless, then this guy just may not be for you.

But if you don’t really mind, then maybe you find it hard to blame him.

If he’s doing it, then that simply means he’s really attracted to you and his subconscious mating instincts may have kicked in!

This also holds true for if he’s standing and his legs seem a bit farther apart than usual.

2) He’s constantly trying to get closer to you

It’s natural to both emotionally and physically gravitate towards the people we love. When he has the hots for you and wants to sleep with you ASAP, however, he will try to sit or stand close to you whenever he can.

An example of this is when he gets closer to you so you can hear each other better when talking. If he’s particularly flirty, he might even whisper in your ear sometimes!

Besides trying to get into your personal space, he may act very open and try to get you into his own space as well.

If you accept his advances, show him that you like being in his orbit and try to appear comfortable with being near him, even if you’re just inches away!

A man who’s not sexually attracted to you will create and main between you two.

3) He tries to touch you…whenever he can

One big reason why a guy will try to get close and get into your personal space is so he can have opportunities to break the touch barrier.

Or, if he already broke it, he will look to gradually become touchier with you.

He might try to “accidentally” brush his skin against yours. Or he may also look for opportunities to wrap an arm around you or give your shoulder a rub.

These are obvious signs that a guy badly wants to sleep with you. The more he is doing this, the more desperate he is likely becoming.

Most guys will probably keep a comfortable distance from you, even if they like you. So if you notice them slowly inching their way closer to you, then you know that he’s starting to obsess over you.

After all, breaking the touch barrier is one of the very first steps to seducing you.

If you’re being touchy with him, you may even notice something… erm… rise to the occasion if you know what we mean! So don’t be surprised if you see him trying to subtly fix his pants or cover up his groin area!

4) He’s always checking you out

We know this is far from the most gentlemanly of manners and is actually a bit uncomfortable for many ladies, but it’s definitely a strong sign that he thinks about making love with you.

Whether you’re already a couple or are colleagues, friends, or even former lovers, if you see him looking at you like eye candy that he wants to devour, then you can be sure that he’s fantasizing about you.

We’re warning you: if he’s eyeing you up, he may do things that may come off as creepy, such as glancing at your cleave or looking at your legs.

If the guy keeps throwing glances at you and cannot take his eyes off you, he’s definitely feeling physical attraction towards you.

5) He’s trying to make his voice sound deeper

Have you ever noticed him trying to make his voice sound a little deeper? A little… manlier? As silly as it can look sometimes, the poor man is just trying to be attractive to you.

Once again, there’s actually a scientific explanation for this. Evolutionary theory says that a deeper voice can indicate a good, longer-living partner who is better for producing genetically healthier children.

This is the main reason why women generally find deep voices sexually attractive.

When he talks in this low-pitched voice, he is trying to appear and sound suave and masculine.

Maybe he doesn’t pull it off that well and you end up having to move nearer to understand him, but know that it’s definitely one of many tactics to get you closer to him.

6) He’s frustrated when you refuse to have sex with him

When a guy wants to have sex with you ASAP, even a passionate kiss isn’t enough for him. He definitely wants to go all the way.

If he wants to sleep with you, he will put in a lot of effort to seduce you (such as the many signs in this list!). So if he doesn’t get the sex he craves, he might get very frustrated and feel that all his efforts have gone to waste. He just wants you that badly!

If this happens and you don’t want to have sex with him yet, stand your ground and respectfully but firmly say no. Explain if you have to, but he has to respect your decision.

Consent is always of utmost importance, and remember that no one can force you to do anything you’re not comfortable doing.

7) He can get sweaty and anxious around you

When we think of someone sweating, we’d generally not want to know what they smell like. However, a man’s fresh sweat can actually smell quite appealing to women.

Men’s sweat contains androstenol, whose scent is naturally appealing to women. It only becomes foul-smelling once it’s too exposed to oxygen and starts producing androsterone.

If a man constantly sweats around you or is always wiping it off, it might be a sign that he feels anxious and giddy around you.


Because he might be thinking naughty thoughts about you, of course!

8) He tries to catch your scent

Okay, there’s definitely a subtler or more properly flirty way to do this and then there are times when the guy simply leans over and shamelessly sniffs at your neck or hair.

Either way, be flattered (or run—up to you) if you catch him trying to catch a whiff of your scent.

Remember when we said that you also find fresh sweat from men attractive? All the same, the scent of a woman is just as much of a turn-on for guys as well.

Scientists are still trying to get to the bottom of this fascinating phenomenon, but the fact is that the pheromones you’re emanating can drive your man crazy.

While your own natural scent will already stoke his flames, feel free to enhance it even further with a fitting perfume.

9) He’s not afraid of public displays of affection

He isn’t scared of being seen with you in public? He’s not afraid to kiss or hold your hand in public?

Being unafraid of such public displays of affection could be a sign that he has sex on his mind.

He might also be trying to warm you up and set the mood before asking for sex later that day.

In addition to that, he might also just be dying to touch you (in more ways than one) so he doesn’t even care if you’re in public!

Overall, it might be a sign that he wants to make love to you when the opportunity arises.

10) He suddenly offers you a massage

Ah, the classic seduction tactic. After all, what’s the next most sensual thing after actual sex? A massage.

Sex is the most intimate kind of touching, so he wants to gradually work his way up to that.

Unless he’s training to be a massage therapist and wants to practice on you, he probably wants something more than just a massage.

While a massage may just be a part of his general plan to be touchier with you, it can also already serve as a way to directly seduce you into sex.

This is because a massage offers an introduction to intimacy and touching, leading to lovemaking.

So before accepting a massage, know that he just might be trying to seduce for an actual lovemaking session!

11) He can’t help but lick his lips

If he’s sexually attracted to you, he’ll want to be sexually attractive to you as well.

One part of trying to be handsome to you is probably wanting to show off his pearly whites 24×7.

Constantly smiling and laughing is him showing to you how happy and comfortable he is with you. Conversely, he is also trying to make you feel happy and comfortable with him so you can let your guard down.

Another way a man shows you he is secretly attracted to you is in how often he licks his lips.

He may be priming them for a passionate kiss with you, thinking about what else he’d like to do with those lips (wink), or simply savoring the delicious sight before him (which would be you).

It’s like when you’re preparing your favorite comfort food after a hard and stressful day.

If he really can’t keep it to himself, you might catch him licking his lips excitedly. That’s when you know that he can barely control himself already!

Now, maybe you’re out for dinner and he just can’t help but lick his lips at his food, but chances are if he’s doing it while looking you deep in the eyes and sneaking a look at your cleavage then he’s surely looking for some sexy time with you.

12) He often has his hands on his hips

This one is very similar to when he stands or sits with his legs apart.

If he is standing with his hands on his hips, he is trying to appear more powerful and confident.

He’s also probably trying to draw some attention towards his manhood and wants you to sneak in a naughty peek.

However, this can be a tricky one as many people stand with their hands on their hips for no particular reason or when they’re stressed.

So make sure to evaluate other signs and factors before concluding that he wants to have sex with you!

13) He blushes and gets flustered around you

As his attraction grows and he finds himself in certain situations with you, blood will rush to his face, flushing his cheeks with red.

Who wouldn’t be blushing wildly in the presence of a person they fancy? What can he do? He’s enamored with you!

Maybe he feels like you can read his mind and is embarrassed at the idea. Maybe he thinks you’re out of his league. Either way, he definitely likes you sexually.

Not every guy is an over-confident bro who’s showing off his junk like a peacock. Some guys, particularly the shy and awkward ones, may simply blush when they’re around you. Cute, right?

If you’re seeing one of these shy types, look for more subtle signs like these. If you’re not paying attention, you might miss them and not realize that they want to have sex with you.

14) He keeps looking at you

If he can’t keep his eyes off you, then you know that he finds you absolutely beautiful and sexy.

His mind is probably running wild with all sorts of thoughts and fantasies about you.

A prolonged gaze may feel a bit awkward, or even creepy, especially if you haven’t experienced something similar before, but it’s definitely a sign.

A few glances don’t necessarily mean he wants you to be the love of his life–maybe it’s just some slight, casual attraction. But if you catch him doing it often, then that’s surely a sign of sexual attraction. Like we said above, he’s probably checking you out!

Try returning his looks sometimes and see how he reacts. Depending on his personality, he might smile at you if he’s the flirtier, more outgoing type or he might look away in panic if he’s on the shyer side.

If he just casually looks away then there might not be anything there. However, if you really notice him doing it a lot, then that’s still a good sign that he’s feeling some lust.

Conclusion: can you really be sure?

Evaluate how he acts around you against this list and determine how likely it is that he wants to have sex with you. However, the more important question is: what are you going to do about it?

If you also fancy him but don’t want to take it to the bedroom just yet, then a sexy thing you could do is to draw out the anticipation. It also serves as a bit of a tease and amps up the sexual tension even more.

You can be receptive to his advances by signaling your interest in your own way, but use the right kinds of signs so that he knows you want to take it slow.

Flirting can be just as fun as lovemaking after all!

However, keep in mind that human emotions and behavior can be infinitely complex and you can never be sure until you ask… or he asks! Sometimes all you have is some vague hunch if there truly is some sexual energy present between you two.

It’s never a bad idea to trust your gut!

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