12 ways to make a man chase you after you slept with him

Whoops, you just had an amazing night with the man you like.

But you’re wondering if he’ll continue chasing you and if you can keep him interested after you had sex with him.

You’re not alone since several women are asking about this too. So I’m giving you the best ways to make a man want you.

Read on so you’ll know what to do.

How to make him chase you after sex: 12 ways

Even if it’s a one-night stand, a casual fling, or if you’ve been dating already, these tips will work.

You can get him to think of you, respect you, and chase you after that great sex escapade you had.

Since you want to pursue him further, let’s go over these subtle yet powerful ways that work like a charm.

1) Bask in the afterglow

After the night of pleasure is over, what follows the day or weeks after can still be amazing.

This is true if you’ve had sex with someone you love and want to be with.

So if you want him to chase you, spend time with him and keep each other company.

  • Ask him to hang out for coffee
  • Go to the movies with him
  • Talk with him to know if you share something in common

Connect with him if you want to keep him around.

The more you spend time with each other, the more you’ll get to know each other better.

When you get to do this, you’ll both enjoy each other’s presence and see that you share things beyond the physical attraction.

But of course, keep your independence.

Make this man see that even if you’re spending time with him, your life goes on after sex.

This way, he won’t freak out into thinking that you’re spending time with him to tie him down.

2) Satisfy his mind

This sounds silly, but most men fear committing after a casual fling or a one-night stand. They think that it changes the rest of their lives.

Normally, guys who are between the age of 20 and 30 chase girls for sex. They’ll go after girls they find physically attractive and fantasize about.

And unlike women, men don’t establish a strong emotional connection before doing the deed. No wonder they get out the morning after a hookup.

These types of men aren’t ready to commit and settle down. They’ll sleep around and do whatever they want without ties and commitment.

So if you had sex with him and he enjoyed it, the best thing to do now is to please his mind.

Blow his mind with your thoughts and ideas about life.

Make him see that you’re not a sexual object, but a woman filled with sense and value.

When he gets to fall in love with your genuine personality and intelligence, the rest will follow.

There’s a possibility that this man will commit to you without any pressure at all.

3) Keep it casual

After a sexual encounter, avoid mentioning that you want to take it to the next level (even if that’s what you want).

Bringing this up scares a man right away. The rush and the pressure turn men off and make them turn away.

Don’t expect long-term commitment right away.

Even when this man probably wants the same things as you, give him time to realize that.

Just take things slowly while showing him that you care.

Let your casual relationship work for now.

While you’re at this, take care of your emotions so you won’t fall too hard when things turn out to be different.

Instead of burdening yourself, better act relaxed and casual. This will only make him want you more.

Trust the process.

When things work, and he sees you as “the one for him” he’ll pursue you in his own time.

4) Be desirable

You don’t have to please him. But you can continue to keep things sexy.

It’s the best time to boost your confidence. And you can do that by looking attractive to yourself and other men.

This will give him an idea that you’re not slacking off after that night with him.

Make this man sense that you’re still the same attractive and desirable woman – and even better than before.

To be the knockout goddess that you are, try these:

  • Share your happy and sexy self on social media
  • Show your independence by having a fun night with your girls
  • Stay positive and love your body
  • Keep him stimulated and excited for more
  • Dress sexily in a comfortable way with an air of mysteriousness

Doing this is a discreet way of impressing him with how you look.

And from time to time, casually tease him by sending cheeky messages or let him know how much you had with him.

Excite his mind even outside the bedroom.

Sooner or later, he’ll be thinking about you all day long.

5) Mix things up

If you can be spontaneous and mysterious at the same time, then do it.

Keep everything interesting. Sometimes being mysterious can make you more attractive.

Because most men worry about their independence when they commit to a woman, don’t contact him all the time.

Even if you want to text him or talk to him, let him enjoy his time alone or when he’s out with his friends.

While you can be playful and fun around him, try not to open yourself too much.

For instance, you can try doing these things to spice it up:

  • Tease him with sexy photos while he’s in the middle of his workday
  • Look at him provocatively when you happen to pass by him
  • Subtly seduce him with your body language
  • Let your eyes speak that you want him
  • Smell good and dress attractively to make him notice you

Doing these things keeps the spark alive and makes him interested in your relationship.

Sometimes, flirting is essential in a relationship too.

Most importantly, be your confident self.

Remain to be the woman he enjoys spending time with while creating an air of mystery around you.

The more confident you are, the more he’ll get intrigued and interested in you.

This way, you’ll keep him guessing what you’re up to next. And he’ll be looking forward to seeing you again.

6) Focus on yourself

Instead of chasing him, try to hold back. It’s better to set space and let an air of mystery surround you.

There’s a possibility that he likes you too, but he might pull away when you give him all the attention.

Remember this: the more you throw yourself at someone, the less interested they’ll be.

The secret key here is: be yourself.

You’ve probably heard that a million times, but it’s true.

You don’t need to change yourself for a man you’ve just slept with. Don’t let that one night of sleeping with him change you.

You’re more than that.

Instead, be confident in who you are. Be the unique person that you are.

Love yourself even more.

One way to do that is to dedicate some of your time for self-reflection, which you can do by meditating.

Using this self-healing meditation, you will not only find peace — you will find your self worth and develop your confidence, too.

Because let’s be real — the sex might be good, but knowing that you’re worth more than one good night with a man is so much better.

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7) Just go with the flow

Keep in mind that there’s no point wasting your time and energy for someone who isn’t meeting you halfway.

It’s always better to play it cool.

Again, don’t pressure him into something he’s scared of.

While you’re at this, continue showing off your sexy, fun, and attractive personality. Drop little hints from time to time to keep you on his radar.

Would you tell him you liked the sex?

Absolutely! Sometimes, men have fragile egos too. They want to know if they’ve pleased you and you enjoyed it.

So while going with the flow, give him a little ego boost as well.

Make him remember how much you enjoyed that night with him.

The secret here is: to be upfront.

Be honest and play it straight. And you don’t need to be coy or play hard to get.

With this, he’ll realize what a great date you’ve been.

Just let him know you’re interested and want more. It’s risky, but at least he knows what you want.

8) Ease off the pressure

Men and women view sex differently. And men don’t like getting pressured into committing to a relationship.

So if you’ve just slept with him for a night and it’s only been a week since then, don’t expect that he’ll chase you right away.

Don’t act emotional nor cling to him. Don’t discuss commitment at all.

It’s hard to resist this when what you want is to connect with him more.

It’s better to let him experience the rush of love on his terms. Don’t influence him about it.

But, if you’ve been sleeping together for a couple of months already- and there’s no commitment whatsoever, then it’s time that you talk to him about it.

Just casually tell him how you feel and what you want.

If you’ve already talked about making the one-night stand casual, don’t expect more.

Here’s a tip: just act a little indifferent.

Make it known that you liked the sex but you’re not at all bothered.

When he realizes this, he’ll quickly realize how he feels about you – and maybe come running to chase you this time.

9) Make him contact you first

After sleeping with him, he has to be the one who should make the first move.

If you think that texting and calling him all day long will make him fall for you, then think the other way around.

But you don’t have to act cold or distant. Just don’t go out of your way to reach him.

He will keep chasing you when he senses that you can go on without him.

Naturally, men are born to be hunters. So instead of chasing him, let him chase for you.

Give this man something to chase and make him work for it.

Don’t let your standards fall because of this. Chasing him will only show how desperate you can be.

See yourself as someone worthy of chasing.

When you keep your standards and self-respect, there’s a huge chance he’ll fall for the woman that you are.

10) Show that you don’t need him

Never expect too much. When you do, you’re risking your feelings for nothing.

You can feel that the sex was special. But it doesn’t mean that he sees it the same way you do.

Don’t make this man think that you want him. The more you do that, the more he’ll turn away.

Being too eager to be with a man after sleeping with him is a mistake that most women make. Avoid being clingy and needy.

Keep in mind that the goal here is to make him do what men are supposed to do – and that is, to chase women.

  • Making him initiate texting or calling you first
  • Making him arrange for your next date if he wants to

This will give him a sense of control – and it can be the way for him to realize that he’s falling for you.

But when he does that, don’t be too available as well.

A quick tip: Try not to get emotionally involved and be overly attached.

Even if you already want to take things to the next level and want him to be part of your life, resist the urge to act on your emotions.

Just acknowledge his actions and take things from there.

Sooner or later, he’ll come to his senses and realize that you’re indeed worth chasing and pursuing.

11) Just give him a chase he’ll enjoy

It’s time you get him to chase you for more.

Keep in mind that men don’t want their egos bruised and fall apart.

When he least expects it, message him so he’ll know that you love his wooing. Throw a quick kiss to let him know you’re slowly starting to fall for him too.

This will give him an ego boost and make him pursue you with more intensity.

Sooner or later, this man will come to his senses and see you as the one special woman in his life.

12) Understanding men

Sex changes everything.

Some men might lose interest, stop talking to you, or ignore you completely after you sleep with them.

They change and get weird. One reason is that they’re processing their feelings.

Though sometimes, sleeping with the man you love can evolve into a relationship. It’s not surprising when you both have the chemistry and desire to take it into something deeper.

But if he backs off and you realize that he’s not into you, then forget all about him. Move on for he isn’t the one you need to chase after.

If this man doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, by all means, let your feelings go and move on with your life.

I know it’s never easy.

But you can’t force someone to fall in love with you.

Love doesn’t work that way.

Don’t waste your time and energy making someone realize that you deserve to have a place in their life. For when you do, it can get emotionally exhausting.

The best thing to do: quit the chase.

Don’t let this entire thing affect your self-esteem.

If a man likes you and is interested in you, he’ll do everything to win your heart.

What to do next? Restart the relationship

Sleeping with a man has a way of complicating things.

Beware of a man who’ll casually see you and this whole thing as a “friend with benefits.”

You can stay friendly and warm, but this time, never go beyond it anymore. Never give this man free sex just because he wants it.

When you know that this guy feels a connection with you, challenge him to impress you all over again.

Let him see what an awesome and desirable woman you are with strong and sexy traits to boot.

If you can do that, he’ll drop all his fears, and you’ll find him chasing you all day long.

Love yourself more

Most women make the mistake of focusing on the man they’ve fallen in love with. Unfortunately, this isn’t good for your self-esteem – which will just drive a man away.

It is only when you get to love yourself, you’ll be able to maintain a meaningful relationship with another person.

Don’t forget yourself nor sacrifice your time for a man who won’t do anything for you in return.

No need to rush love.

Take your time, and just enjoy getting to know each other better.

By giving each other the freedom to completely fall in love with each other, you won’t let sexual attraction get in the way of your judgment.

Learning how to make him chase and want you mostly comes down to being yourself and understanding your value.

If you’re destined to be together, and the universe knows that he’s the right man for you, you’ll be with each other no matter what.


Navigating post-intimacy dynamics requires balancing self-worth and independence while keeping interactions light and engaging.

If he’s genuinely interested, he’ll make the effort to pursue you.

Your value isn’t defined by someone’s recognition of it.

Focus on fostering a respectful and mutually satisfying relationship, whether with him or someone who appreciates your unique qualities.

The right person will pursue you out of a genuine desire to be with you.

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