12 definite signs an older woman wants to sleep with you

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Men tend to go for women their own age or younger; that’s just what feels natural to most guys.

We also tend to think that an older woman wouldn’t be interested in us anyway, because we might not offer her the same kind of experience she could get from a man closer to her own age.

But there are cases here and there where an older woman will find an intense attraction toward a younger man, leaving the man confused or uncertain about what to do.

So how can you be sure that an older woman wants to sleep with you? What are the signs?

Here are 12 signs that an older woman wants to sleep with you:

1) She Acts Younger Around You

No matter what your personality type may be, it’s natural for you to change the way you act and behave as you age.

Even if you’re extremely wild in your 20s, you might become passive and chill in your 40s; it’s just the way things work.

So when an older woman wants to get your attention, she knows she has to adapt to what she thinks you want – a young, active, fun woman.

So that’s exactly what she’ll become.

When she’s around you, you just can’t help but notice how alive and energetic she is, almost as if she’s trying too hard to be that way.

Some women can do it naturally, but in others, it might seem a little forced, as if the energy isn’t as authentic as it should be.

2) She Talks To You About Age

One of the first things you’ll notice when an older woman starts hitting on you is how much she cares about her age.

After all, it’s normal for an older woman to feel a bit of insecurity when dating (or trying to date) a younger man because she might think all he wants is a young, tight woman half her age.

So to reassure herself, she’ll try to get a feel of what you think about age, whether you’re the type who would actually go for someone older than yourself.

She’ll talk about age, asking you your feelings on older women, on whether you could “date someone like me”.

She’ll also ask you about what you find attractive in a woman – whether you’re superficial and purely in it for the looks, or if you’re looking for the personality and experience she can offer.

3) She Reminds You That She’s Single (Or Looking)

Ask yourself right now – is she single, and if she’s not, is she unhappy in her current relationship?

If you know the answer right away, then she probably wants to sleep with you.


Because she’s made her relationship status so clear to you – whether through directly telling you or through subtle hints – that you know immediately that she’s available (or more specifically, available for you).

4) She Doesn’t Show Interest In Other Men

An older, beautiful woman can get any man she wants.

Men don’t shy away from an older woman if she has the looks and the charm to match her age.

But instead of playing the field, she makes sure it’s obvious that she only has eyes for you.

So if you work in an office with this woman, time after time she’ll end up rejecting men, and you’ll always hear about it one way or another.

You can’t help but wonder why she won’t go after anyone else, but this is obviously her way of telling you that she’s not easy; she’s just waiting for you.

5) She Tells You All About Her Past

Women don’t tend to open up about their past to just any person in their life.

The past is the past, and in many cases, the past is full of pain and regrets, particularly when it comes to romance.

But this woman doesn’t keep her past to herself at all with you.

She opens up about herself every chance she gets, telling you all about where she’s been, what she’s done, and her relationship history.

She feels a certain affinity towards you, knowing that she can trust you with her past and history.

By emotionally and mentally connecting with you in this way, she’s making it easier for herself to want you physically.

6) She Shares Her Dirtiest Jokes With You

One thing older women have on younger women is experience.

They know what it takes to get in a guy’s head; they know what to say and they know how to act.

And one thing they do to show you they’re ready to sleep with you?

They’ll share all their dirtiest jokes with you.

It’s all about being as raunchy as possible.

She wants you to know that she’s no prude, especially when you’re in the room.

Sex isn’t something she beats around the bush about; she’s happy to laugh about it, joke about it, and possibly have it with you.

7) She Dresses Better Around You

This older woman might be someone you see at work or at university on a daily basis, and you’ve noticed something particular – after she started showing interest in you, she started dressing significantly better.

She seems sexier, looser, and brighter, just by her clothing alone.

It’s not a coincidence.

She’s dressing better now knowing that there’s someone she wants to pull into her bed (that someone being you).

And the only reason you’ve noticed is that she clearly wants you to notice.

8) She Openly Plays With You

She laughs with you, jokes with you, and even banters with you.

She knows how to have a good time, and she loves proving that to you in every way she can.

She never wants to feel like the older woman who is too tired or boring to go out and give you the best days of your life.

So she matches your level (and surpasses it) every chance she gets.

Now, of course, this can be exhausting for her.

So try to level with her as well whenever you get the chance.

Do activities that she would like to do when the opportunity presents itself, and she’ll realize that she doesn’t always have to work so hard to give you a good time.

9) She Treats You When She Can

One great thing about being with an older woman?

She can take care of herself, and she can also take care of you.

She’s more than happy to show you that a benefit of being with her is that you don’t always have to pay for everything (or even split the bill).

She’s not shy about pulling out her purse and letting you know that she’s got it covered so that you can sit back and just enjoy the ride.

But of course, don’t start taking it for granted; if she starts feeling that you’re just using her, that’s the quickest way to lose her attention.

10) She Opens Up To You About Her Personal Life

People don’t generally open up about their personal life to their co-workers or their colleagues, particularly if that “personal life” isn’t so rosy to begin with

So if this older woman is spilling the details to you regarding her love life, her family, her friends, and even more personal details, then it’s very likely it’s not just because she’s talkative.

She wants you to know these things because she wants to build a more intimate connection with you.

While men can simply hop in a bed with a woman and have complete sexual satisfaction, women tend to require a bit more of a mental and emotional connection with their partner to reach that full stimulation.

And telling you about her personal life is one easy way for her to feel closer to you almost immediately.

11) You Get Texts From Her Late at Night

No one wants to think about work or class late at night.

After 10 pm, the only thing people want to do is turn off and get some rest.

So if you get a text from an older lady after 10 pm, no matter what that text says, it’s most likely because she can’t get you out of her head.

But late-night texts are also an easy way to move the relationship forward at lightspeed.

There’s just something about the privacy and comfort of texting late at night from your home that makes people say what they’re really feeling.

So if you want something to happen with her, text her back right away. Let her know that you’re just as available as she is.

12) She Jokes About Younger Women

Partly out of insecurity, and partly just because she’s been there and done that, this older woman can’t stop herself from constantly joking about younger women around you.

She’ll point out all their silly habits and behaviors, all the stupid things they say.

She’ll put them under a microscope, making sure you know just how many flaws this younger woman actually has.

Why does she do it?

Because she desperately wants you, and she wants you to know that she’s got them beat in so many ways.

Just because she’s older than you (and them) doesn’t make her any worse than they are; in fact, you’re better off for being with her, because you don’t have to deal with all those “young woman” problems anymore.

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